When to return to training and what exercises to do after a C-section?

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Getting back into shape after pregnancy and childbirth takes time. However, there is a set of exercises that safely help you to support your body’s recovery after cesarean section.

Give yourself time!

Every woman’s body goes through pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period differently. A woman who gives birth naturally will feel the pain differently than a woman who has had a caesarean birth. After all, it should be remembered that the “cesarean” is an operation and interference in the body, so you can not demand too much from your body.

Specialists recommend a recovery time after childbirth, even up to 6 weeks. During this period, a woman should closely observe her body and not strain it. It is true that the first activities can be done already 24 hours after the birth, but they include short walks, breathing exercises or circular movements of the feet.

Any decision to return to training should be consulted with a doctor, who will precisely determine the possibilities and current state of health allowing for safe implementation of even the simplest exercises.

Stress after Caesarean section

The issue of childbirth is an individual matter. It so happens that women undergo a caesarean section much harder than natural childbirth. It all depends on anatomical predispositions, physical condition and pain resistance threshold.

After a cesarean birth a woman is anesthetized from the waist down. Several hours after the operation, when the anesthesia stops working, it is important to start even the smallest movements. Not every young mother will be able to walk at least a few steps, but she should begin exercising her legs and pelvic floor. With small movements of the legs, the body will be stimulated and adapted to regeneration faster, and the risk of thrombosis will be reduced.

The way of getting out of bed is also an important issue. As specialists emphasize, a woman after childbirth should try to straighten the spine. This prevents adhesions and helps the wound heal faster.


Patients often ask me when they can already start to return to physical activity after childbirth….

Published by Female Urogynecological Physiotherapy Sylwia Kanik Friday, May 7, 2021

First gymnastics after “c-section”

Non-stressful gymnastics can be started as early as two days after delivery. Remember that any training plans should be consulted with the attending physician or midwife, who will be able to assess the state of healing of the wound. Any movement stimulates muscles that are tired after pregnancy and childbirth and helps them gain strength.

Your first gymnastics routine may include a few basic exercises that should help not only with the recovery process, but also make everyday activities easier. Exercises can be started in a supine position, such as alternating bending both legs.

A second safe exercise is to bend both legs in a lying position and alternately raise your arms above your head. This also works the back muscles and spine. In order to stimulate the pelvic muscles, it is a good idea to bend your legs at the knees while lying on your back and try to lift your hips several centimeters. To make it easier you can put a pillow between your knees. If you feel pain or discomfort during any of the exercises, do not perform them.

Safe training after caesarean section

After a few weeks, you may be asked about the possibility of regular physical activity when you visit your doctor. It is known that it will not be any demanding training, but any physical activity in this case is very important, not only for the physical but also for the mental condition.

To begin with, you can meet with a physiotherapist who will present easy exercises for you to do at home. Postpartum physiotherapy is a trend that has been gaining a lot of popularity among young moms in recent years. In addition to visiting a specialist, you can go to yoga classes, Pilates or swimming pool.

Before starting a training session, it is a good idea to inform the instructor that you have just given birth. Certainly, such information will make the training easier for both the participant and the instructor, who will adjust the level of exercises to the capabilities of each person.

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