Declining libido – can sports remedy it?

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More than one person has had a problem with low libido. This problem is frustrating, embarrassing and often leads to complications in a relationship. However, there is a way to remedy it! Sports can be a remedy for low libido, with improved overall health in addition to sexual desire.

Physical exertion is not the only way to improve desire. It’s a good idea to combine sports with supplements or medications, such as viagra or kamagrato achieve even better results.

Increased self-esteem

Weight and body image issues are often the culprits for low sexual desire. Fortunately, physical activity can work wonders in improving the way you view your body. If you’re comfortable with your appearance, you’ll feel more confident when undressing, without clothing, and during intimate contact with your partner.

Hormonal balance

It is crucial for desire and all the mechanisms involved in sexual arousal. For women in particular, sexual satisfaction is strongly linked to sexual desire.

Physical activity has been shown to be beneficial in regulating hormones and reducing some of the bothersome symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome such as bloating, cramps, mood swings and even headaches, making it easier to achieve a better, positive mood.

Better circulation

Proper circulation is essential for our sexual function. In men, blood flow to the penis is the main mechanism for erections. In women, increased blood flow to the genitals causes swelling, and this enhances sensation. When this happens, we are also more likely to achieve higher levels of arousal and orgasm, and when sex is better, we desire it more.

Blood flow will also increase lubrication, reducing pain, friction and the risk of developing yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

More energy

One of the main reasons why women complain about low sex drive is because they are tired. They are constantly multi-tasking at the same time and are busy with both work and home responsibilities. Sex often falls at the end of the to-do list and at the end of the day there is not enough energy left.

Exercise actually helps boost energy levels and improve sleep, which is inextricably linked to cortisol levels and feelings of stress. If we are less stressed and have more energy throughout the day, then we sleep better and recover properly. This in turn makes us feel less stressed. A positive cycle worth fighting for.

Even low to moderate intensity exercise, such as a quick hike around the house, can increase your mental alertness and energy levels.

Less stress

Stress, which we all experience to varying degrees, causes elevated cortisol levels and thus numbs the mind. However, physical activity releases endorphins, mood-enhancing chemicals that help counteract cortisol levels and generate an overall feeling of relaxation and well-being. These are extremely important for sexual desire.

If our mind is filled with stress and anxiety, it is very difficult for us to shift to a more erotic mindset, which is essential for sexual desire and arousal.


For most of us, any athletic activity that makes our heart beat faster for 30 minutes a day will prove beneficial. What’s more, exercise is something couples can do together. Bonding and spending time together will help strengthen the relationship and also increase sexual desire.

However, too much weight loss and high activity levels can actually lower testosterone levels and have the opposite effect of optimal exercise. Of course, this can also cause injury, so be careful not to overdo your workout.

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