Does excess dietary protein negatively impact health?

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The body needs a certain amount of nutrients to function properly. One of them is protein. Can excess protein in the diet be harmful?

How much protein to consume per day?

If you want to enjoy good health, it is necessary to make sure that the body is provided with nutrients in specific amounts with each meal. Of course, you do not have to watch every gram, but it is important that at least on a weekly basis the balance is more or less correct. It is assumed that adults should consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body. So if you weigh 60 kg, your daily diet should contain 48 grams of protein.

What happens when there is too much protein in the body?

Too much protein in the human body can have disastrous consequences. When you overdo the protein in your daily diet, your kidneys can suffer in the first place. And it’s not just that you will start to feel more and more pain in their area. A bigger problem will be the damage to your kidneys caused by the large amount of protein, or actually nitrogen – because protein products contain a lot of this element.

By switching to a protein diet, you are also limiting your chances of significant weight loss. Be careful not to dehydrate your body. Carefully control the amount of fluids you drink. Finally, one more note: you can find information regarding the fact that too much protein intake shortens life. People who base their daily diet mainly on protein products are more likely to face cancer.

What are the symptoms of protein deficiency in the daily diet?

It is worth bearing in mind that not only too much protein causes consequences. Protein deficiency in the diet can be equally dangerous for human health. What happens when the body begins to lack protein? It sends the first signals, which we can include an increased appetite, often recurrent infections (resulting from reduced immunity), accumulation of water in the body, increased susceptibility to injury, weak and brittle hair and nails. All of these symptoms can result from a diet low in protein.

If you observe any of the above symptoms in yourself, it is essential to consider whether your daily diet was composed correctly. An extreme case of protein deficiency in the female body can also be hormonal problems. As a result of them, menstruation stops occurring regularly and there are serious difficulties in getting pregnant.

From the amount of contradictory information about protein in the diet you can get dizzy ? Meanwhile, the rule for a healthy …

Published by Lodz Medical Center Monday, November 9, 2020

What products contain the most protein?

The list of products that you should reach for regularly is quite long. There is no doubt that a lot of protein can be found in eggs or dairy products. Fish and seafood also contain a lot of amino acids (especially shrimp – there is as much as 27 grams of protein for each 100 grams of crustacean). A lot of protein can also be found in lean meat and nuts. Greater problem with meeting the demand for protein may have vegetarians, but for them it will be good information that as a source of protein can use beans or soybeans.

Is it possible to overdo the amount of protein?

If you are trying to optimally plan your daily menu, rely on commercially available products and do not use additional supplementation, it is unlikely that you will overdo the amount of protein delivered to the body. However, if you are following a protein diet, in which protein far outweighs other nutrients, or you are using large amounts of protein supplements, then the amount of protein in your food may be too high, and in this case you need to be very careful not to damage your kidneys or liver.

Want to develop an optimal nutrition plan that matches your activity level? Consult your doctor or nutritionist – with a professional you will get the best help!

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