Can you exercise while pregnant?

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Many moms-to-be wonder if they can do their favorite physical exercises during pregnancy. Here is the most important information about training during pregnancy.

Workout during pregnancy – the main rules

What is the ideal exercise for pregnancy? Training during pregnancy should be at a moderate pace. The heart rate should not exceed 120-140 beats per minute. Exercises should never be done by force. Expectant mothers in the first trimester in particular may complain about their poor well-being. This period is characterized by fatigue, drowsiness, nausea and dizziness. Breathing exercises are an extremely important part of training during pregnancy. They effectively strengthen the respiratory muscles, especially the diaphragm, thus increasing lung capacity.

Expectant mothers should also remember not to overheat during training. This can lead to uterine contractions and, in extreme cases, to placental abruption. It is best to train with the window open or in an air-conditioned room. During training it is best to wear clothes made of airy materials. An essential element of every training session for mothers-to-be is regular drinking of water, both during and before and after training. It is equally important to replenish carbohydrates as they are an easily digestible source of energy. To provide your muscles with protein, drink a shake consisting of milk and your favourite fruit after training.

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What exercises can be done during pregnancy?

Check with your gynecologist before starting any exercise during pregnancy. A completely safe activity is walking. They should be done regularly, about 3 times a week and last 30 – 45 minutes. Walking effectively oxygenates the body of the future mother, improves the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory and movement systems. It is also an excellent form of relaxation.

Equally safe pregnancy activity is swimming. This sport has many advantages. It effectively increases muscle endurance, relieving the joints. It is also an excellent way to relax the muscles of the spine and improve the work of the circulatory system. Expectant mothers can safely swim in any style except butterfly. In the first months of pregnancy, swimming the frog and the crawl will work well, and in the last months – on your back. This type of activity should be done slowly, calmly and with controlled breathing. You can also take part in aqua aerobics classes.

Other popular activities among pregnant women are: yoga, pilates and special aerobics classes for pregnant women.

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What exercises should not be done during pregnancy? Not advisable here are those that require you to assume a supine position. This is especially true in the last months of pregnancy, when the uterus is getting heavier and larger. These types of exercise can contribute to the compression of the vena cava. Exercises that involve the straight muscles of the abdomen and those that require rapid movements and jumping should also be avoided during pregnancy.

The following are contraindications to exercise during pregnancy: placenta previa, hypertension, multiple pregnancies, premature birth in previous pregnancies, microcephaly, amniocentesis, anaemia, premature systolic activity, pressure-cervical insufficiency and diabetes.

The main benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Why is it important to exercise during pregnancy? The benefits of regular exercise include increased muscle strength and cardiorespiratory fitness, increased joint range of motion, minimized back pain and the likelihood of pregnancy obesity, control of weight gain, better mood, and increased likelihood of shorter hospitalization after delivery.

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