Sexy and firm arms – how to sculpt them?

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The fear of overbuilding the arms makes it the least exercised body part in women. A few simple, regular exercises to strengthen the muscles and firm the skin will improve their appearance and give them an athletic character.

Why should you take care of your arms?

The arms are one of the most exposed body parts in a woman. Making them look sexy can improve your overall appearance and have a positive impact on your mood. The most attractive are firm and slender arms, which muscles have a clearly defined shape.

Developing an athletic physique and generous arm development is far more challenging for women than it is for men because women’s muscle fibres are less likely to expand but more flexible. What’s more, women’s hormones inhibit the formation of new muscle tissue, so visibly developing arms requires a lot of work, effort, protein supplements and a high-protein diet.

So working on sculpting your arms doesn’t mean having a broad, muscular build, but rather firming your skin and developing an aesthetic arm shape that emphasizes your feminine appearance.

Are you dreaming of nice and delicately sculpted feminine arms? If so – get to the dumbbells. Women should also…

Published by Power Plant Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What should an arm workout look like?

An exercise plan to improve the appearance of the arms should involve all muscle parts of the arm. In practice, this means that the workout must engage the shoulder muscle, the brachiocephalic muscle, the biceps, the triceps and the shoulder muscle along with the tissues located at the level of the shoulder girdle. Only evenly distributed effort will bring the expected results, slenderize the arm and emphasize its shape.

The biggest problem, spoiling the attractiveness of women’s arms, is the excess fat located in them. Properly prepared strength, fitness, cardio or aerobic training combined with a balanced diet should quickly reduce the volume of fat tissue and give arms an attractive appearance. Fitness dumbbells weighing between 0.5 kg and a maximum of 5 kg can also help you work on sculpting your arms. Exercises performed with weights will improve the shape of your muscles, increase your strength and firm the skin of your arms.

Home conditions are enough to perform regular arm workouts. Even if your home gym does not include sports equipment such as gymnastic bands, training lifts or gliding discs, the suggested sets of exercises should be fully sufficient to get your arms looking sexy. The effects of regular exercise can come after just a few weeks! Here’s a list of some of the most effective exercises you can do on your own at home.

Dumbbell squeezes in a sitting position

This exercise can be performed in a sitting position, but standing or squatting will also work well. The work of muscles loaded with the weight of dumbbells involves all muscle tissues of the arms, which makes this movement evenly distributed effort.

During the squeeze, the elbows should be kept quite close to the head and their stable position should be controlled as much as possible. The exercise should involve the full range of motion – from full flexion of the elbows to full extension of the arms. The number of repetitions should be adjusted to individual capabilities, because the bench press is one of the exercises that quickly load the elbow joints and may cause painful soreness or even micro-injuries.

Lifting loaded arms to the side

Raising arms with dumbbells in hand should be done in the position of a slight stretch and with a straight spine. The arms should be lifted from the hip height to the shoulder girdle. Both hands should work at the same time. The number of repetitions performed may be systematically increased in accordance with your progress and general well-being. You can do a similar exercise by lifting your arms in front of you.

Extending arms with a weight

The starting position for this exercise is a slight straddle, placing the hand on the hip and placing a dumbbell in the other hand. The loaded arm should be straightened up and then bent at the elbow behind the head to a 90 degree angle. The repetition series should be at least 10 for each arm. During the exercise, the muscles of the entire arm are worked, and especially the muscle tissue of the triceps is expanded.

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