Race against time, or how to lose weight before New Year’s Eve

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Regardless of where and with whom we spend New Year’s Eve, every time we want to welcome the New Year we want to present ourselves at our best and be able to charm everyone with an impeccable figure. Unluckily, New Year’s Eve falls less than a week after Christmas, when it is extremely easy to gain excess weight. This problem affects many of us every year, so between the festive debauchery and partying it’s worth betting on physical activity!

How to exercise before New Year’s Eve?

When it comes to the effectiveness of exercise, three schools of thought have emerged. Some believe that in the context of weight loss, cardio training is unrivalled, others argue that nothing can replace properly performed exercises with weights. However, a large number of experts lean towards the third option, namely combining these two types of activity into a comprehensive workout.

Rest assured that strength training is not synonymous with the immediate acquisition of a “bodybuilder’s physique”, which is one of women’s nightmares. Not everyone is comfortable with lifting barbells, so activities without weights can be much more enjoyable (and ultimately more effective).

Skipping rope and bicycle – a recipe for a slim figure

After Christmas we want to burn excess calories and slim our waist and hips to look our best at the New Year’s Eve party. For this purpose it is best to use a well-known from childhood device, namely a skipping rope. Meticulous calculations show that over the space of an hour, at an intensity of 120 jumps per hour, we will be able to burn from 667 to 990 calories! Such favorable statistics certainly give food for thought and put skipping rope at the top of the list of the most effective exercises.

Sprints, often found in interval training, will also bring the desired effects. It is estimated that you will burn between 639 and 946 calories per hour during this activity. Sprints combined with lighter exercises also bring other benefits, such as improving cardiovascular endurance.

Riding a bicycle or stationary bike is also very effective. After such a form of exercise we will be lighter by 568 to even 841 calories, and regular cycling trainings – apart from fat tissue reduction – will result in strong knees and tendons, and at the same time will provide a lot of satisfaction!

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