Women’s strength training – facts and myths

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Many myths have been created around women’s strength training. Wondering if regular exercise at the gym will make your physique take on a manly shape? Find out the facts and myths about it!

What is strength training?

When you begin your adventure with physical activity, you must first determine your priorities. Think about what you want most. Do you want to slim your figure, build muscle or firm your body? If you want your thighs to be firm and free of orange peel and your belly to become hard as a rock, then strength training is the best solution. Strength training is a type of physical activity that uses weights or dumbbells.

Is strength training only suitable for men?

Intensive strength training is mainly associated with male activity. Many women are afraid to visit the gym. One of the most common myths is that strength training will make a woman’s body look like a man’s. The truth is that even if you spend most of your free time at the gym, without additional support in the form of drugs, your figure will not become masculine. The only thing you can count on is to sculpt and firm your figure. So go for it!

Why is strength training essential for women in pursuit of the physique you want?
Here are 5 reasons why you should…

Published by Activus – nutrition and diet Monday 3rd August 2020

The most popular myths about female strength training

When considering what type of workout to choose, be guided by facts rather than myths. As you already know, quite a few myths have grown up around women’s strength training.

Strength training will shape the male physique

This is one of the most popular myths that discourages a good number of women from taking up strength training. You don’t have to worry – nature gave you a delicate silhouette that you can’t change even if you decide to do intense strength training.

Strength training is dangerous for your health

Yes, if you overdo it, especially in the initial phase of training, you can expose your joints to a number of damages. Always consider your health and level of training. Not sure what the optimum load is? Get advice from an experienced instructor!

Strength training does not support weight loss

If you combine strength training with a well-balanced diet, and additionally complement it with aerobic exercises, you will not only not inhibit the process of burning unnecessary fat tissue, but you will speed it up. So, dumbbells in hand – it’s time to fight the excess kilograms!

Facts about strength training – everything you need to know about it

Now that we’ve busted the myths about strength training for women, it’s time to get to the facts:

– strength training will improve your body’s appearance – regular workouts at the gym will make weight loss even more successful. You will slim your figure, firm your body and strengthen your muscles;

– You will relieve stress – if you are often nervous and you do not know how to relieve the growing stress, which adversely affects your health and makes you feel worse, buy a gym membership as soon as possible – thanks to strength training you will get rid of negative emotions;

– Improve fitness and body movement – moderate strength training improves overall fitness. You’ll be amazed at how much lighter your shopping basket will be after just a few sessions!

What should I remember about strength training?

If you are going to the gym for the first time, get a consultation with a personal trainer. The key to effective strength training is correct load selection and proper exercise execution. Adapt the type and intensity of training to your own capabilities – don’t throw yourself in at the deep end. Gradually increasing the load during training will greatly minimize the risk of injury. Regular training at the gym will help you shape the figure of your dreams and contribute to improving your motor skills and feeling better!

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