Intense interval training that is gaining in popularity. What is the phenomenon of tabata?

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Tabata is a great option for people who like to get tired. You can exercise at home or at the gym – the decision is yours!

Interval training vs cardio training

Intervals, cardio, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise – to many people, especially beginners to physical activity of any kind, these names mean rather little. The adventure with exercise often begins by accident. We go with a friend to fitness classes or our buddy drags us to the gym. Sometimes, looking in the mirror or standing on the scale, we come to the conclusion that it is time to change something in our daily lifestyle. It also happens that we receive a recommendation for greater physical activity from our doctor, who is concerned about our health parameters. When starting regular trainings, it is worth to think about what kind of training we should opt for. What is better? Cardio training, interval training or maybe strength training?


training – something for beginners. It is physical exercise of moderate intensity. However, in order to achieve the desired results, you must set aside a lot of time for your training session. The key to success is regularity. Too low an intensity may prove ineffective – train as often as possible (including recovery breaks) at an intensity of around 55-65% HRmax.


training – these are short training sessions used by more experienced physical activity enthusiasts. It is true that the workout itself does not take much time (for example tabata is four minutes of exercise) but it is characterized by high intensity. If you have basic form, but no time for long training, introduce intervals to your training calendar. But don’t overdo it or you’ll overload your body.


training – while cardio or interval training are perfect for people aiming at fat loss, strength training is mainly for those who want to build muscle mass. These are all types of exercises that are performed with additional weight – you can do them both at the gym and at home.

Tabata – what is it?

Your schedule is tight to the limit and you can hardly find a moment to eat your lunch? Still want to find time for a short workout? You can try Tabata, provided that you have already built up at least a minimum level of fitness. Otherwise it may be too straining for your body.

The rules of the workout are very simple. You have 4 minutes which you have to use as intensively as possible. You exercise for 20 seconds as intensely as you are able, and the next 10 seconds are spent resting. 4 minutes is the duration of the actual workout itself. Remember to perform a warm-up, which is extremely important with interval training. Also, don’t forget to cool down your body. This practice helps reduce the risk of painful injuries.

What kind of exercises to do?

You have many options. You can diversify your workout by choosing a different set of exercises for each training session. Thanks to that you will not get bored with tabata even after a few weeks of intensive exercise, but your body will constantly receive new stimuli for action. Such changes have a positive influence on the process of building fitness, and they also contribute to more effective burning of excess body fat. When planning tabata training you may be tempted to do the series:

◼ push-ups,
◼ abdominals,
◼ push-ups,
◼ jumping jacks,
◼ squats,
◼ jumping jacks.

Remember to perform the exercises as quickly as your body will allow you to. Don’t push yourself – training too hard is no good. Match the intensity to your body’s capabilities and you will quickly see that your body’s performance will improve from session to session.

Tabata – what results can I count on?

Tabata, as well as other interval trainings, is a physical activity which is mainly focused on accelerated burning of fat tissue. Regular training will make your weight start to go down, but the efficiency of your body will increase significantly. If you want to lose weight and are looking for an intensive and effective training unit, Tabata will be an excellent idea. Due to the high intensity of the exercises performed, this type of training is not recommended for people who are very overweight or suffer from chronic diseases. It is best to consult your doctor, who will help you choose the type of physical activity for your health condition.

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