Tai Chi or yoga – which activity produces better results?

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Tai Chi and yoga – two different activities that affect the body and fitness in a similar way. What are the differences between these seemingly similar disciplines and how they affect our well-being?

Tai Chi

Similarly to most Eastern martial arts or meditation gymnastics, Tai Chi combines elements supporting not only physical fitness, but also psyche and spirituality. Systematic exercises help to stretch the whole body, improve breathing efficiency, calm the thoughts circulating in the head and strengthen muscles, bones and joints.

Significant stress during Tai Chi training is put on spine, especially on its lower part which is exposed to big load due to sedentary lifestyle. Exercises are designed to make joints more flexible, to reduce pain and to improve correct spine alignment. Training also improves motor coordination, sense of balance and ability to maintain concentration, that is why it is perfect as general development activity engaging whole body to work.

Tai Chi is one of the best ways to heal your spine and keep it in good condition for the rest of…

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One of the most popular physical activities chosen by women around the world. A great deal of information can be found about the benefits and specifics of the practice, both in the subject literature and online articles. The advantage of yoga is that it is easy to do. Workouts are available on many channels, and the most popular trainers provide free instructional videos on their accounts showing different types of workouts.

Yoga combines elements of gymnastics, stretching exercises, meditation, and movements that build muscle strength and endurance. It helps you get to know your own body, control its movements and work on correct breathing and spinal posture. Different types of training are addressed to all groups of people, both young people, seniors, people training other disciplines every day, pregnant women or patients struggling with chronic health problems. All you need to perform the exercises is a fitness mat and a proven trainer.

Similarities between Tai Chi and yoga

Both forms of activity engage all parts of the body and most muscles to work. As a result, the body develops evenly and the increased load is distributed to all muscle parts. Eastern disciplines allow you to relax and unwind during physical activity, thus improving fitness, reducing feelings of stress, decreasing the risk of pain and extending the comfort of life.

Workouts can be tailored to the individual needs and skill level of the athlete. Thus, some workouts can be more relaxing and reduce tension throughout the body, while others can be high intensity muscle strengthening. Studies have shown that people who practice one of these disciplines on a regular basis have less trouble falling asleep, recover better, feel better, and experience less stress from daily life, work, or household chores.

Differences between Tai Chi and Yoga Training

Tai Chi and yoga were created for slightly different purposes. The former, in addition to elements including body training and psychological value, allows you to practice martial arts, especially self-defense issues. Tai Chi also works better for people who prefer dynamic training and want not only to take care of their figure, but also to reduce body weight faster. The effects of Tai Chi training require more effort and are visible much later than in the case of yoga classes.

Indian meditative gymnastics is less vigorous, better for concentration and calming thoughts, but it is not a workout for people who are looking for fast-paced exercise. Yoga requires time, calmness, and precision when performing each pose or body alignment. Moreover, yoga is a more versatile physical activity. It works well for people of all ages and fitness levels.

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