Fruit preserves as a delicious and healthy addition to your diet

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Fruit is an important and very tasty part of the diet that is not worth giving up. However, it is often the case that access to fresh fruit is limited by the time of year, where we live or the high prices of fruit out of season. Fortunately, there is a great way to encapsulate delicious, seasonal fruit in jars so that it will please your palate no matter the circumstances. Introduce fruit preserves to your daily menu.

Compote – a healthier and cheaper alternative to store-bought drinks

There’s nothing easier than making your own fruit compote. All you need to make a delicious and healthy compote is fruit, water and sugar. Add fruit to a pot of cold water and cook over low heat until the fruit releases its juice and flavor into the water. Sugar is an optional additive that you use at your discretion. You don’t have to use it at all, in which case the compote will be healthiest, but it is tastiest with a little sugar. Taste your product and judge whether it needs sweetening or maybe the fruit was already sweet enough.

Compote can be made from literally any fruit, from the obvious apples and pears to cherries, melons and even bananas! Choose your favorite fruits and mix them however you like! The compote you cook up can be modified in any way to suit your tastes. This is a huge advantage of home preserves over drinks available in stores.

Do you like cherries? We do. Nothing in the summer can quench your thirst like a cold compote of these fruits. Cherries perfectly compose …

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Fruit preserves – 100% natural

Making jam is a slightly more complicated process than cooking compote. It is, above all, a time-consuming process because the fruit for jam has to fry long and slowly. You can make jam out of almost any fruit. Forest fruit preserves are the most popular, but citrus or watermelon preserves are also worth trying.

Fruits are boiled down in syrup – a mixture of water and sugar – until a paste is formed, and then fried several times so that they soak up sugar and do not fall apart during processing. Jam differs from the jam in that the fruit is preserved in it whole or in large pieces, and not in the form of a thick, smooth mousse. Jam is a great addition not only to cakes and desserts, but also to cheeses and even meats.

If you don’t have time to make jams for a long time, but you don’t want to give up the great taste of fruit in winter, you can stock up on natural preserves at

Fruit in syrup – a simple way to get the full flavor

Everybody knows the taste of fruit syrups available in stores. Thick, sweet juices, with just a trace of fruit juice in their composition, can be found on the shelves of every discount store. Unfortunately high sugar content and low fruit concentration makes such a syrup not much better than popular sodas. Fortunately, we can easily make such a syrup at home.

It is enough to put juicy fruits (the best are forest ones) into a jar, cover them with sugar and pasteurize. Fruits under the influence of sugar and appropriate temperature will release juice, which will form a sweet syrup. This solution is definitely healthier and tastier. In such a jar is closed all the fresh fruit flavor, which does not need any enhancers and improvers.

Making your own homemade preserves is very rewarding, although it can be a time-consuming activity. Whether you have time to spend in the kitchen or not, fruit preserves they should be in your diet. Don’t worry about your busy schedule, healthy preserves can also be purchased online.

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