Fitness corsets – salvation or curse?

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We can do a lot for a slim figure. Strict diets, strenuous workouts and even specialized clothing – all this is supposed to help us lose weight. But where is the limit?

Slim figure – a fashion that does not pass away

Fashion for a slim figure has been promoted for several decades. In commercials, films or on the covers of colorful magazines we can see women with ideal figures. Yes, it is worth realizing that at least in the case of some photos, the “wow” effect is largely due to the skilled hand of the photographer and specialized graphic processing. However, it does not change the fact that a large group of women is able to do a lot to get closer to the ideal look. On the proverbial first fire goes diet, because in terms of nutrition is the easiest to make changes (with relatively little effort). The next step is a firm resolve to exercise. Gym, home training, running are just some of the increasingly popular activities. Manufacturers of workout clothes meet women’s expectations and try to create clothes designed to help in developing a slim figure. The hit of recent seasons is the exercise corset.

What is an exercise corset?

Fitness corset, exercise corset and shaping belt are different names of the same gadget. It has one purpose, which is to model the figure while exercising. Opinions are divided on whether this solution actually lives up to its promise or does more harm than good. In this matter especially sparks on the line braffitters vs physiotherapists.

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Shaping belt – what advantages does it have?

A modelled figure is such a big temptation that quite a few women decide to make huge sacrifices. Because how else to call wearing a belt that compresses the waist in such a way that internal organs have trouble functioning normally? Although this solution has disadvantages, we must admit that the visual effect can be described as satisfactory. This is not a new idea. Corsets that narrow the waist have accompanied us for several centuries already.

Fitness corset – what should you watch out for?

It is not the ideal silhouette that should be a priority, but health. It is worth striving to maintain a healthy weight, since obesity is one of the causes of many diseases and ailments which have a negative impact on the comfort of everyday life. However, in the pursuit of a flat belly it is worth to keep moderation, otherwise all our efforts will turn against us. Before you reach for a novelty on the sports market, consider the potential benefits and risks of using a particular solution. Do you have doubts, whether using a gadget will be good not only for your figure, but also will not bring negative effects to your health? Consult a physiotherapist or a doctor. These are the people who have the greatest knowledge in this subject.

Looking through opinions on the web about sports corsets, you can find many negative statements of people strongly associated with the physiotherapist community. Among the adverse effects that may be the result of long-term use of a corset for exercise, mentioned above all are such aspects as postural defects or improper functioning of internal organs resulting from too much pressure created as a result of the compression of the belt.

Healthy training – what should I remember?

Does this mean that you have to give up on your dreams of a slim, fit and properly shaped figure? Of course not! Fight for your dreams, because only you can make them come true. But don’t take shortcuts, because they are most often full of traps. Weight reduction is a long-term process. Maximize the potential hidden in a balanced diet and workout program that is tailored to your body’s capabilities. Bet on cardio training and body shaping exercises. The results you achieve over time will make you proud of yourself. Remember that only by consistently fulfilling your resolutions, you will achieve success!

Featured photo: Suho226 / Wikimedia Commons

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