Proven home exercises for burning off bellies

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Although it is currently winter, some people are already thinking about getting in shape for next summer and the vacations. One of the most desired results that women want to achieve is to burn off their bellies. They cause the most problems and losing them is not that easy. How to get rid of them? What exercises will be good for stimulating this area of the abdomen?

Exercises for sides – basics

Bellies are a very problematic part of the body when it comes to burning fat. It is easy to get rid of them, but it requires regularity and thoroughness. So it is worth to start using exercises that are the most effective. If you have never exercised regularly, the first effects will surely appear very quickly. However, it should be remembered that at some point the first difficulties will begin to appear. Then you need to skillfully rotate not only the exercises, but also the number of repetitions or load. Nevertheless, consistency and persistence can bring amazing results.

Exercises for sides should be performed at least three times a week. The first workouts should be performed assuming 3 series of 30 seconds each and with 10-second breaks. Importantly, exercises for this body part should be performed quickly and accurately, but at the beginning there are usually problems with reconciling these two factors that affect efficiency. Therefore, in the beginning you should focus on technique and only later on speed.

Push up oblique, or push-ups with a twist of the trunk

One of the most popular exercises for the sides are push-ups with a twist of the trunk. Alternatively, the term twisting plank is also used. The beginnings are always difficult, so do not be discouraged. The basis is to set the body to the plank position. Then you alternate between lifting with one hand and the other, twisting your torso at the same time. After a few repetitions you will already feel the effect of the exercise on your muscles.

Scissors – to cut the sides well

The most popular exercise that has the best effect on the sides is scissors. Their performance is extremely simple and does not require specialized equipment. Just watch the video and get to work! In the first stage, you should lie down flat on your back. Then tighten your abdominal muscles and lift your legs slightly upwards. Swings can be done both up and down, as well as side to side. It is important that in the second type of scissors, the legs work alternately and cross a vertical line at a central point as you look ahead. Scissors are very often chosen as an exercise that is also great for developing all abdominal muscles. By performing them regularly, you not only sculpt a great physique, but also work on strength and stability.

Side barbells for strong muscles

Another exercise that should appear in our training plan schedule is side abdominals. This is a slight modification of the traditional abdominal curls. It is performed in the position of lying on the back, with slightly bent legs in the knees. Then cross your hands behind you or on your chest. It is important that the joined legs lie sideways on the ground, that is, with the knees touching the floor, but the back must then be parallel to the ground. In this way, lifting the upper part of the trunk, we activate the lateral abdominal muscles.

Push-ups – the basis of HIIT training

Jumpers have been known for many years. Everyone remembers this exercise, because it was used during the warm-up. It is also worth introducing them into your training plan, because they are a great base for HIIT training. This means that you implement the assumptions of intervals. You should start with about 20 seconds of spinning, 10 seconds of break and further repetitions. By raising your heart rate this way, you improve your metabolism, which makes your body draw energy for exercise from stored fat.

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