Can all fruits be eaten during a weight loss diet?

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You’ve made your decision – you’re starting to lose weight! What’s next? Do you already know what your daily diet and physical activity will look like?

Diet – does it always have to be starvation?

Dieting is usually associated with quite restrictive restrictions on the meals we eat. If we want to lose weight, we must first of all pay attention to the calorie content of the meals we eat. The effect of reducing the excess of fat tissue can be achieved only when we take care of a negative calorie balance. The idea is that the body is forced to spend more calories than the fuel provided on a particular day. Can this only be achieved by binge eating? Of course not!

Bet on pleasure!

If you go on a hunger strike and overnight turn to poor food that doesn’t give you the energy you need and is unpalatable, not only will you quickly give up on any attempts to lose weight, but your morale will plummet to the point where you won’t want to do anything at all. Losing weight can be fun – realize that!

The most important thing is to realize that there are no miracle ways to reduce body fat quickly. Permanent changes in the body take time. Instead of starving yourself for several days, go to a dietician and together agree on a colorful and tasty diet, which will include all the necessary nutrients. Eat those products that you like. Can’t stand spinach? Don’t force yourself on it! Remember, the change in eating habits should be permanent and must bring at least a little pleasure. Otherwise the desire to lose weight will go away very quickly!

What about fruit in your daily diet?

The key to successful weight loss is a negative calorie balance, which can be achieved through a well-planned daily diet combined with physical activity. Interestingly, although fruits are a source of many vitamins, their consumption during weight loss should be controlled. All because some fruits are quite caloric. Some of them also contain quite a lot of carbohydrates, and these nutrients are worth limiting if you suffer from diabetes. What fruits are good for you on a diet, and which are better left out, at least for a while?

Which fruits are the most fattening?

Can fruit in general contribute to weight gain? It turns out that yes. Unfortunately, there are some fruits that have a lot of calories, and this translates into weight gain. If you’re on a diet and planning to slim down, avoid dried fruits like the proverbial flame. They are a real calorie bomb. Also avoid fruits soaked in syrups.

Fresh or dried fruit❓
What’s the difference and which is better to eat❓?

As you’ve probably already noticed, dried fruits have…

Published by Nutritionist Agata Kawęczyńska Monday, 14 September 2020

What fruits can you reach for while on a diet?

The most important thing to remember is that if you’re on a diet, you don’t have to give up all of your favorite fruits. If fruits are the basis of your diet, you don’t have to worry. Just make sure to reach only for fresh specimens, unprocessed. Acidic fruits are often mentioned as fruits that aid in weight loss, and this is because they have the least amount of carbohydrates in them. These can be apples, pears, strawberries or plums. Watch out for avocados – they are one of the fattest fruits in the world!

Want to eat more fruit? Increase your physical activity!

Can’t resist throwing a handful of dried fruit into your morning oatmeal because it makes you feel the best? Rest assured, if you slightly increase your daily physical activity levels, they won’t negate your weight loss results. Remember to do everything in moderation, preferably under the watchful eye of a dietician, who will constantly monitor your progress in the fight for your dream slim figure! The more you exercise, the more of your favourite food you can afford! However, remember not to overdo the intensity of your workouts!

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