The most effective exercises for firm breasts – to do at the gym and at home!

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In the context of regular training of the female body, activities that improve the appearance of breasts are rarely thought about. However, there are exercises that effectively firm the bust and positively affect its appearance.

Why is it worth taking care of bust exercises?

Training the chest positively affects not only the condition of the breasts, but also expands the figure, slenderizes it and improves the correct alignment of the spine. As we age, gravity acts on the breasts and the once firm breasts sag noticeably. To reduce this effect, care can be taken to strengthen the muscles surrounding the breasts. The shape or appearance of the breasts themselves cannot be changed, as they consist mainly of fat. However, systematic training will help to lift breasts and develop chest muscles. The appearance of breasts is also affected by incorrect posture, as a result of which shoulders are bent and the whole chest leans forward. Exercises can correct the misalignment and improve the overall appearance of the entire figure.


Exercise can be performed both at home and on professional equipment in the gym. In the home version, you should sit on a chair and straighten your back. In your hands should be even loads, for example, in the form of water bottles. In this position, raise your arms and simultaneously bring them together in front of your chest.

During one workout, perform 3 series of 15 repetitions. At the gym, an identical exercise is performed on a machine popularly called “butterfly”, thanks to which the chest muscles are better isolated. On professional equipment you can also freely adjust the load.

Carrying the weight behind your head

The starting position is to lie on your back and bend your knees. Again, you should have a load in your hands; a dumbbell weighing several kilograms will work well for this exercise. The weight should be lifted from the hips up to behind the head, at the same time gently bending the elbows. At the gym, this movement can be performed on a bench, which allows you to lock your feet. In this way, in addition to the muscles of the chest and arms, also works the abdomen and legs. The exercise should be performed in 3 training series of 15 repetitions.

Press in the lying position

As the name suggests, this exercise is also performed lying down. The load should be lifted up in both hands. The movement should start from bent elbows and end at full extension. In order to increase the intensity of the exercise, it should be performed slowly so that the muscles have time for full effort and activation. There should be 10 to 15 repetitions per series. As your strength increases and your coordination develops, you can systematically increase the load.

Women’s push-ups

Popular and well-known push-ups are for the bust and chest what squats are for the muscles of the buttocks. A simple and effective exercise can be performed in two variations. The more difficult option involves resting the feet on the ground, like a “plank”. People with less strength and slightly worse motor coordination can perform push-ups on their knees, thus reducing the load. The hands should be shoulder-width apart during the exercise, and the bust should gently touch the ground while bending. Push-ups should be performed in a set of 3 series of about 10 repetitions, depending on individual ability.

Tightening the chest muscles

The last suggestion is as simple to perform as push-ups. To flex the muscles, you should stand in a slight stride, and raise your hands to shoulder height. The hands are folded as if for prayer and rhythmically with all the force press them together for a few seconds. Exercise not only helps firm the breasts, but also reduces the so-called hoods on the shoulders. After tensing, relax the muscles for a few more seconds and repeat the exercise in 3 series of about 10-15 repetitions.

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