What are the effects of doing women’s push-ups regularly?

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Push-ups are one of those exercises that you remember well from your school days. But do you know how to do push-ups properly and what benefits you can get from regular exercise?

Push-ups vs. push-ups for women

Classical push-ups are performed in such a way that you bend your arms in support and keep your knees off the ground. This version of this exercise may prove too difficult for some people (especially beginners). Classic push-ups require a lot of muscle strength. Before you develop it, opt for a much easier option, namely ladies’ push-ups. In this case, while bending your arms, your knees are resting on the mat, which makes it much easier to perform the exercise correctly.

Technique matters

As with any exercise, proper technique is important for push-ups (both traditional and women’s). The fact that women’s push-ups are easier to perform than their classic counterparts doesn’t mean you can take the exercise lightly. On the contrary, such attitude is the shortest way to painful injuries. First of all, you need to learn the correct starting position. For greater comfort and safety, always practice on a special mat.

Doing push-ups directly on the floor is not recommended. Assuming the starting position, move to supporting yourself on your hands (they should be shoulder-width apart) and knees. Your feet should be crossed in the air. While performing push-ups, remember to keep your back straight and also to keep your chest from touching the mat. Perform the exercise in the following sequence: inhale – lower your body, exhale – return to the starting position.

Have you ever wondered what effects women’s push-ups give?

they improve the look of your shoulders and back,

? sculpt and strengthen…

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What mistakes occur most often?

Do you want to avoid repeating the most common mistakes while exercising? Start exercising under the guidance of a personal trainer. The care of an experienced person will make it easier to develop correct habits while exercising. Push-ups are such a specific exercise that it is very difficult to judge on your own whether you keep the correct technique. What mistakes appear most often? Among them we can point out, for example, too much bending of the neck or twisting the hips. Often the wrong sequence of exercises is also kept (falling on an exhalation).

What benefits can regular training bring?

If you make sure to perform push-ups correctly, and practice regularly, you can count on spectacular results. After just a few weeks you’ll notice how your silhouette is changing. Despite appearances, practicing push-ups (even the women’s version) doesn’t just strengthen your arms. Various muscle groups are involved during the exercise. The intensive training will allow you to get the body sculpt of your dreams. The exercises work your chest and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Not convinced? Check it out for yourself! Take the challenge and do push-ups for a month. The results will amaze you!

Can everyone do push-ups?

Push-ups are undoubtedly a great exercise that allows you to strengthen your arms, chest, back, or abdominal muscles. Regular training will translate into greater muscle strength and a nicer shape of the whole figure. However, the question arises, are push-ups good for everyone? As a rule, it is an exercise that both beginners and advanced people can include in their training. Women’s push-ups, despite their name, will benefit both men and women. Performing push-ups is not advisable in people who have recently had an injury.

If you have a cardiovascular related condition, consult your health care provider beforehand. If you have a chronic health condition for which intense training is not advisable, also consult your doctor to make sure that push-ups are not going to do you more harm than good. If everything is fine, you can start regular training, and soon you will see the first effects of exercise. Your silhouette will take on a completely different shape – you will strengthen your arms, chest and slim your abdomen.

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