Pilates equipment – what accessories are worth doing exercises with?

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Pilates is a system of physical exercises designed to make the individual muscles of our body more flexible and stretched. This type of training is significantly facilitated by Pilates accessories and equipment. Get to know the most popular ones!

Pilates is a combination of yoga, ballet and isometric exercises. It effectively sculpts the figure, strengthens the spine, improves posture and allows you to gain awareness of your own body. It is a completely safe activity which can be practised by pregnant women or people after injuries without any fear. What kind of accessories can be helpful during Pilates training?

Practical accessories for Pilates

What sports accessories can’t any Pilates lover do without? One of them is a special rubber ball, which is meant to relieve pressure on the spine and add variety to training. It can also prove very helpful when performing exercises for the chest and abdominal muscles.

The Piltes Soft Ball is the perfect way to add variety to your Pilates exercises on the mat. ?♂️ The ball is placed between the legs, …

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Rollers and belts

The second useful piece of Pilates equipment is the roller. It effectively aids stabilization and coordination and expands the range of exercises. It works well for both training and rehabilitation.

Various straps and belts can also be very useful during Pilates training. They strengthen the muscles while performing stretching exercises and can act as a weight.

Pilates power ring

A very interesting piece of Pilates equipment is the Pilates power ring. It works well for both beginners and advanced people. It is an excellent option for all women who are bored with traditional workouts and are looking for variety. The main advantage of such a hoop is that it brings satisfactory results in a short time.

What does the Pilates power ring look like? It is a small, relatively thin wheel consisting of a fiberglass frame, 2 double-sided foams and foam-covered handles. The ring can be used either from the inside or from the outside. The Pilates power ring was created to engage the entire body as much as possible and to enhance the effects of the workout.

What else is worth knowing about Pilates power rings? It effectively develops muscles, fitness and endurance, adding variety to individual exercises – standing, lying down, strength, isometric or resistance exercises. The Pilates power ring is strong enough to allow you to push on it with your hand or leg. As a result, it bends slightly, allowing you to work on muscle development.

How do I use the Pilates power ring?

Pilates power ring allows you to exercise using both your arms and legs. The ring can be held in the hands (doing shakes and shakes), squeezed between the knees or ankles. There is also nothing stopping you from using it to perform pushing, shoving or pulling movements. This allows for comprehensive work on the fitness of the entire body.

Each of the exercises can be performed here in several variants: easy, medium and difficult. As the Pilates power ring is shaped like a circle, it allows you to put your arm or leg in it and perform the most complicated workouts. It is also very good for performing balance and stabilization exercises. It is an excellent solution for people returning to sport after a long break, e.g. surgery.

What kind of exercises can be performed with Pilates power ring?

One of them consists in the fact that we sit on the mat with slightly bent legs, we lift the ring in front of us and slightly tighten it, pointing our hands at each other, we roll our spine vertebra by vertebra and gradually lower ourselves on the mat. Return to the starting position.

Another Pilates power ring exercise is as follows: Sit on the mat and lean back so that your feet touch the mat. Lift the Pilates power ring over your head and twist it to the left side. Reach the maximum range, lower it to the side, and then lift it over your head. We perform a repetition on the other side.

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