Ideal running shoes for women – what should they feature?

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It’s no secret that every woman wants to look beautiful – no matter what the circumstances. But you can combine your love for sport with a passion for fashion!

Running – a way to perfect body and feel great!

Regular running is a physical activity loved by many women – both younger and older ones. Anyone can run (of course with the training intensity adjusted to individual abilities). You don’t have to reach cosmic speeds or dizzying distances right away. Start slowly – if continuous running is difficult for you, alternate with walking. Run at a conversational pace, it should be fun first and foremost.

Your first training sessions can be a real challenge, especially if you haven’t moved much so far and you’ve only picked up the pace when you spotted a bus at the bus stop in the distance. You’ll start to get out of breath quickly, and the next day every muscle in your body will probably be sore. Not to be so pessimistic – you’ll also get a huge boost of endorphins that will make you yearn for another workout in just a few days! Regular running is a great way to get a slimmer figure, better mood, and also an opportunity to relieve stress that has accumulated throughout the day!

Why is it worth running? Here are the answers 😉


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Take care of the right outfit

You can run all year round, but if you’re just getting started with regular workouts, winter won’t be the best time for your first workouts. However, you don’t have to wait until spring. You can change your run on a frosty morning through the park alleys for a stationary treadmill. You’ll be in good shape by spring. Remember about the right outfit. It should be adjusted to the weather conditions.

Don’t know how to dress? It is best to wear onions. Dress in such a way as to feel a slight chill when you go outside. When you run you will quickly warm up your whole body and you will be warm. If you put on too many layers, you will overheat your body and then your workout will be far from your comfort zone. The most important thing from the point of view of safety and comfort of training is the right shoes. It is on their selection that you should spend the most time.

What to consider when choosing running shoes?

There are a few questions you need to answer before you start browsing the sports stores. Think about what kind of terrain you’ll be running on most, do you plan on training regularly or maybe you’re just looking for an occasional activity? Determine your budget and think about what color scheme suits you best.

Purpose – the type of training shoe should be matched to the surface. Different shoes will work well on a treadmill at a sports club, while others will be perfect for running on asphalt or off-road. The more difficult the surface (wilderness, forests, unpaved alleys in parks), the more aggressive the tread will be. The hardness of the sole also plays an important role – shoes with a stiff sole are recommended for running on asphalt. In this case, it is also important to have good cushioning, which will minimize the risk of injury.

Comfort – every shoe should fit perfectly to your foot, but in case of training shoes this is even more important than in everyday life. During workouts, your feet work intensively. If you neglect them, you will quickly develop corns and painful abrasions. Pay attention not only to the length of the shoe, but also to the width of your foot.

Class – of course, nothing prevents an amateur runner from getting herself fully professional training shoes, on which she will spend a third of her salary. But before you make such a decision, consider whether it makes sense to invest a lot of money in shoes that you will wear only occasionally. The higher the class of running shoes, the higher their price will be. If you run two or three times a month, you won’t notice the difference between professional shoes and those from the average price range.

Appearance – and here we come to the point. Opt for shoes that will steal your heart with their design! A nice running shoe will make you swoop like a gazelle enjoying its freedom. Well, maybe it’s a bit over-colored, but for sure, cute workout shoes will make you more willing to reach for them, even when it’s gray and gloomy outside the window!

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