Pilates method – what is this type of training and who can do it?

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Daily physical activity translates into good health, a fit body and a better mood. Pilates is an exercise that virtually anyone can choose to do!

Physical activity – why is it so important?

Even occasional physical activity has a beneficial effect on our health – both mental and physical. Do you feel tired all the time? Or maybe you complain about problems with sleep? It may be caused by excessive muscle tension. Start exercising and you will find that not only your body will feel better. Sign up for yoga, buy a pass to the gym, turn on an aerobics CD. Exercise the way you like. And if you have no idea where to start your adventure with physical activity, you feel that you are not in shape and too intensive training can end in a painful injury, try Pilates. This is a set of exercises based mainly on your own body weight. It is an ideal exercise for beginners.

Pilates – a set of exercises older than you think

It may seem that the fashion for physical activity and various types of exercise is the song of the last twenty years. Meanwhile, it turns out that Pilates has been known for over a hundred years. In the 1920s, this set of static exercises was developed by an athlete from Germany. Importantly, when you exercise, you will engage the muscles of your entire body. You will strengthen stability, improve coordination, and develop correct posture (deep muscles are largely responsible for this). Although Pilates seems very simple on the surface, at the beginning it is better to do the exercises under the supervision of a trainer who will pay attention to proper technique and correct breathing. It is these two elements that play a key role in the case of Pilates.

For whom is Pilates advisable?

It is widely believed that Pilates is a workout that anyone can benefit from. However, it is especially worth considering these exercises if:

– you are experiencing pain in the spinal area,
– you suffer from postural defects,
– you suffer from spinal degeneration,
– you are looking for a way to rehabilitate after an injury,
– you need an extra boost of energy,
– you don’t know where to start your adventure with physical activity.

Training is suitable for beginners. Even if you are just getting up from the proverbial couch, you have nothing to be afraid of. Don’t worry, you can do it. But make sure you have a solid warm-up, a comfortable mat, loose clothing and proper exercise technique. Concentrate on doing each exercise precisely, pay less attention to the number of repetitions.

For whom the exercises may not be suitable?

Despite the fact that Pilates is considered one of the least stressful workouts, anyone with a chronic illness, feeling unwell or after a serious injury should seek advice from a doctor or physiotherapist on the best form of exercise. There are situations where even light training may be harmful. Remember – your health is the most important thing. Do you have any doubts? It is better to consult a specialist.

Do you want to exercise while pregnant? It is possible!

If a baby is growing under your heart and you want to exercise to keep in optimal shape, it is necessary to consult this idea with your doctor in charge of pregnancy. In the offer of many fitness clubs you can find training proposals for pregnant women. Pilates is a set of exercises that are not very demanding, so they can be performed by almost anyone. However, remember that the final decision should depend on your health and whether the baby is developing normally. Any abnormalities in the test results should arouse vigilance. If, on the other hand, everything is fine and your doctor approves, Pilates exercises are a great way to keep active even during pregnancy.

What effects will regular training have?

The good news is that with Pilates you don’t have to wait forever for the effects of training! Several training sessions are enough for you to notice the first effects. The hardest thing is to start – with every training you will be able to do the exercises smoother and more freely. But don’t forget to stay focused!

Pilates ❤️❤️❤️ benefits alone :
?Relieves tension and stress
?Strengthens muscles throughout the body
improves mobility and…

Published by Anna Bednarz Kramarczyk Friday, November 13, 2020

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