Yoga, Pilates, Zumba – what to choose?

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Physical activity is very important in everyday life. Can’t decide whether to take a yoga class, Pilates or Zumba? We suggest!

Movement is health!

Small children know very well how important is to move. They cannot sit still – they run, play and enjoy life. As we grow older, many people lose the original need to move and the desire for constant activity. Bad habits cause us to put aside our passion for sport and outdoor movement, and the four walls of the house become our new environment. This is a silent consent to the development of many diseases of civilization background. Obesity, ailments related to the circulatory system, and often also depression, are in a way the result of a sedentary lifestyle.

Remember that it is never too late for movement and a healthy lifestyle. Fitness clubs and studios are not just for young people – on the contrary, an increasing number of such clubs organize special classes for older people, taking into account their needs. All this so that the aging society can finally take care of its good shape and physical condition.

A wide range of fitness clubs

It’s enough to visit any fitness club’s website to see how wide the offer is addressed to sports enthusiasts – both big and small ones. Yoga, Pilates or Zumba classes are just some of the activities on offer. Which of them should you choose?

Zumba – feel the power!

Zumba has been winning more and more followers of this active and extremely energetic form of movement for several years. It is an ideal proposal for people who love to train while listening to music. It is a combination of latino, salsa and reggeton. You can also find elements of aerobics in it. It allows for versatile development and at the same time provides great fun. It is impossible to leave with a gloomy mood after the training is over.

If you practice zumba regularly, you can count on interesting effects – you will not only burn the excess fat or strengthen muscles responsible for the correct figure of the body, but you will also meet many real enthusiasts of this form of exercise, and with some of them you will establish lasting friendships.

Haven’t you had a chance to have fun with us during ZUMBA yet? ??

Dance your way to a slim figure!!! ????


Published by Synthesis Movement Academy Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Pilates – a workout filled with peace

If you have a slightly less crazy nature and during training you are looking for tranquility and thus rest from everyday problems, then bet on Pilates. It is a workout perfectly suited for relaxation. It gained its popularity relatively recently. You can see in it the influence of both ballet, tai-chi and gymnastic positions. The key to success is the ability to breathe properly, as well as attention – exercises should be performed slowly, with great emphasis on proper technique.

Pilates is a very universal workout, recommended for people of all ages. Everyone who cares about training involving many muscle groups will find joy in it. The fact that Pilates training is calm does not mean that you cannot get tired during it. On the contrary, each training unit requires the involvement of many muscle groups, including deep muscles. Regular training will translate into better condition and will help strengthen skeletal muscles.

Pilates time ?

What are the benefits of Pilates? ?♀️?♂️?
✳Pilates is a whole body fitness
✳Pilates can be adapted to many levels and needs – it can also be very challenging! It’s not just “simple” mat exercises.
✳Pilates builds strength without the “bulk” effect
✳Pilates increases flexibility
✳Pilates develops core strength
✳Pilates improves posture
✳Pilates increases energy
✳Pilates supports slimming and lean appearance
✳Pilates increases awareness of body-mind connection

What are the benefits of Pilates method? ♀️?♂️?

✳Pilates is whole-body fitness
✳Pilates is adaptable to many fitness levels and needs – it may also be very challenging! These are not just “simple” exercises on a mat.
pilates creates strength without bulk
pilates increases flexibility
pilates develops core strength
pilates improves posture
✳Pilates increases energy
✳Pilates promotes weight loss and lean appearance
✳Pilates increases awareness of body – mind connection

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Published by Healthy Motion – Your Healthy Movement Thursday, June 11, 2020

Yoga – get in touch with your inner self

Yoga is another option aimed at those looking for a peaceful workout where you can get tired. An observer standing on the sidelines will probably be convinced that yoga training is nothing tiring – it is quite the opposite. Some of the asanas require great agility and flexibility of the body. You can approach yoga only as a physical activity or treat the subject more comprehensively, combining movement with a certain perception of the world. Do you want to calm down, strengthen your muscles and improve your mood? Sign up for a yoga class! Once you get a little practice, you can practice on your own in your own home.

Do you know the amazing effects and benefits of practicing yoga? ?♀️?♂️
It has a good effect on both body and mind.
Try it and you will feel much better!

Published by Sunday, March 1, 2020

What to choose – yoga, pilates or zumba? There is no universal way to be fulfilled in physical activity. Everyone has to choose their own way, remembering to choose the type of sport according to their preferences and body capabilities.

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