How to do a tabata workout on a bike?

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High-intensity exercise is one of the most popular fitness trends. Tabata is also gaining recognition in the cycling world.

What is tabata on a bike?

Interval training involves alternating series where you complete intense exercises in different sequences. In the case of cycling, exercises with increased load are designed to increase the heart rate to up to 90% of the maximum capacity and accelerate the pace of cycling.

Tabata on the bike should be performed on equipment that displays information about the number of revolutions performed per minute, or RPM. Most often this type of equipment has a stationary bike, but in the case of mobile vehicles, you can buy a suitable device. Research conducted by scientists unequivocally confirms the improvement of performance, increasing respiratory efficiency, physical strength, endurance of muscles engaged in work or fat burning rate.

TABATA – everything you need to know !

?? TABATA – historical background.

The author of the protocol is Izumi Tabata, who was …

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What should a training plan look like?

One of the basic tenets of Tabata is to do it under the guidance of experts. Training with too much load on the body can give bad results, lead to injuries and negatively affect overall fitness. The intensity should be increased regularly but only slightly so that the body does not get used to new conditions but is not overloaded.

The program for people who start tabata training on the bike includes 30 seconds of effort interspersed with a minute of relaxation or active rest. The series should be about 5 repetitions. The workout can be completed two to three days per week. It is important to remember that the workouts should not take place day after day, as they can be too much of a strain on the body that is building form.

Increasing the intensity of the workout for beginners should include an even distribution of forces, i.e. a combination of 1+1. During the first minute you ride at your maximum capacity, while during the next minute you reduce the pace, still actively pedaling.

Effectiveness of tabata on a bicycle

A study conducted by Japanese scientists on HIIT cycling training showed that the performance parameters of the participants increased by 28%. The result is very promising, but it should be remembered that the cyclists studied did the training 5 days a week for 1.5 months. For amateurs and beginners such a high load is impossible to perform, so the results may be less impressive at first.

It doesn’t change the fact that regular and well-structured tabata training can improve physical condition, improve the efficiency of the body and increase its endurance. In the published study there was also no information about the level of advancement of the cyclists participating in the study, so the results should be approached with caution.

What to remember during training?

The whole training unit should not last longer than 40 minutes. During this time you can warm up your body and prepare it for intensive physical effort. Then perform interval training for a maximum of 15 minutes according to your pre-determined goals. The load should be increased at intervals of about two weeks.

After completing the interval training series, you may continue with traditional exercises for several minutes or perform a series of manual exercises to relax tense muscles. During the workout you should also remember to properly hydrate your body, which during intense exercise loses much more minerals and nutrients than during a traditional unit.

The decision to start tabata should be consulted with a specialist who will select an appropriate training programme according to the current possibilities and predispositions of your body. This will ensure that tabata will be carried out in a safe and effective manner.

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