Intensive tabata – sets of exercises for advanced

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Short, very intensive exercises performed in intervals instantly bring the first effects. Here are training sets for more experienced tabata lovers!

Warm-up and time for relaxation

As before any other workout, tabata also requires a good warm-up. It is important that it is not too demanding and long, because your muscles should start working properly only during the series performed. In addition to the classic stretching of the whole body, the warm-up should include rhythmic walking or jogging on the spot and a few general development exercises, such as push-ups, jumping jacks, bends, arm extensions or squats.

The entire warm-up should take about 5 minutes to stimulate your muscles, blood circulation and strengthen your breathing. After completing the tabata, the body should be given a moment to calm down and calm the body. The athlete can stretch the entire body again, march in place for a few minutes, or begin a short meditation or yoga session of about 5 minutes.

An interval workout that imposes work for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second break. Like this for 8 rounds….

Published by Calypso Fitness Club Poland Sunday, 25 April 2021

The first set of tabata exercises

Intense tabata should be performed in several series. Their number depends on the individual preferences of the athlete, but for a full series you need to perform at least two full circuits. The first set consists of four exercises that should be performed in a system of 20 seconds of intense movement, 10 seconds of rest.

To begin, the first series can be started with a quick sprint jog in place. The muscles of the legs, buttocks and arms should be tense. The arms should be raised evenly with the legs. The second exercise consists of 4 movements: squat, leg bend, squat and jump. Legs should be straightened interchangeably.

The third element of the intensive tabata are crocodiles, i.e. an exercise consisting in resting hands on the ground, simultaneous throwing both legs back and return to the standing position. Changes of position should be performed vigorously. As the last exercise in this series, the athlete can perform dynamic jumping jacks or jumps from a squat.

Second set of tabata exercises

After repeating the entire circuit of the first series, the exercises of the new set can begin. At the beginning, you can start with a boxing run, which is a fast sprint in place while imitating the blows being delivered. The arms should be thrown alternately.

The second exercise in the series is called quick feet and involves stomping your feet against the ground dynamically and as fast as possible. The feet should be lifted low and the muscles of the entire body should be tensed. Another element of training is skipping. This exercise imitates the body movements performed while jumping on a skipping rope.

You can end the series with a classic squat, which after lunging should be continued by rising on the squares. In this way, the exercise involves not only the abdominal muscles, legs and buttocks, but also the entire spine.

With whom to practice intensive tabata?

The wide selection of personal trainers whose programs are available on the Internet can make it difficult to decide. However, when it comes to tabata there is one trainer considered to be one of the elite of Polish fitness, who regularly shares videos of intensive tabata training on her channel.

Monika Kołakowska she has been running classes and promoting physical activity for years. She gained her popularity and recognition in the fitness world by conducting her own trainings and sharing them for free on the YouTube platform. Her fitness challenges are taken up every month by several hundred thousand competitors, who willingly share their results in social media.

On trainer’s profile you can find a lot of materials related to tabata training, both for beginners and more experienced and physically fit athletes. Apart from the well-known trainer, interesting sets of intensive tabata exercises are prepared by Łukasz Choiński, Adrianna Palka, Szymon Słoma or Agata Zając.

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