Natural concoctions that will cleanse your body of toxins

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Toxins are with us every day – they are in the air, in our water and in the food we eat and they enter our bodies with. Get rid of them with delicious and healthy drinks that you prepare yourself!

Toxins – why are they so harmful?

Do you feel unwell all the time, do you have a headache or pimples of unknown origin on your skin? Or maybe you feel chronic pain in the abdominal area or you often get seasonal infections? There may be many causes. In order to diagnose them, it is worth consulting a doctor, especially if the situation persists over time. Toxins around you may be to blame. Regularly reach for natural antidotes and you will quickly see how much your well-being will improve. Remember, however, not to try to substitute a detox diet for your doctor’s recommendations – it can end badly!

Detoxification – what should you remember?

Do you want the detoxification to bring the intended results? The first issue is regularity. However this is not the most important thing. Much more important than the frequency of consumption of detox drinks, is their composition. Remember to always reach for fruits and vegetables from a reliable source. These must be organic products, the cultivation of which did not use artificial fertilizers. You will probably agree that detoxifying your body with drinks made from poisoned ingredients is not the best idea.

So where to look for organic fruits and vegetables? Ask around at your local market or go to a health food store. You can also search online. There are more and more initiatives that mediate in the sale of organic fruit and vegetables between their producers and people who care above all about the quality and provenance of the products they buy.

What drinks will help get rid of toxins from the body?

Do you associate detoxification with boring and tasteless drinks of questionable consistency? Not at all! We have several suggestions that will delight you with their distinctive and unusual taste. Most of them you can easily prepare using products that you can find in your fridge. Drinks that remove toxins from the body will translate into a better mood, as well as stimulate your metabolism to work more efficiently. Here are some ideas for tasty, colorful and most importantly healthy drinks to reduce toxins in your body:

Water with lemon – this is a true classic. Perfect for people who perpetually claim to have an empty fridge. Just remember the lemon – you can get the water from the tap. A glass of water with lemon is worth reaching for every morning. Drunk on an empty stomach, it will help remove toxins, have a beneficial effect on the metabolism and will be a valuable vitamin C boost.

Start your day in a healthy way ?

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Water with flaxseed – well, maybe visually this drink does not impress (it reminds a bit of gruel), but it contains a real wealth of nutrients. Flaxseed is a mine of fiber to aid digestion, as well as omega-3 acids, vitamin E or many valuable minerals. If you do not like the taste of this drink, you can enrich it with a little ginger or a piece of apple.

Parsley juice – surely, already as a child you have often heard that the green parts of vegetables have life-giving powers. This drink helps effectively cleanse the body, supports the treatment of anemia, and strengthens protection against inflammation. However, reach only for parsley from reliable sources – those grown near busy roads will certainly do more harm than good.


These green leaves are a wealth of nutrients?❗️ First of all, they contain a large dose of vitamin …

Published by Nutritionist Karolina Przybył-Lewy Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Detoxification – how often to do it?

A detoxification diet can take different forms. There are people who decide every month to drink only toxin-removing cocktails for 2-3 days. Nutritionists are sometimes skeptical about such starvation diets. They point out a better way to effectively and value hydrate the body and remove harmful toxins from it. Instead of starving yourself for a few days a month, opt for regularity! Reach for a refreshing detox drink every morning, or sip it in small sips throughout the day. Adjust the formula to your own needs. And most importantly, stay in touch with your doctor – it’s the only way to keep your health in check!

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