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Yoga workouts are one of the most popular physical activities of recent years. Modifications made to the classic exercises allow you to create new alternatives and systematically develop your skills.

Making changes in yoga training

Yoga is a versatile practice that allows you to perfectly adapt exercises to a specific audience. Classes for advanced players, seniors or amateurs can include the same mechanisms, but working in a different way, depending on the category of the trainee.

Classical yoga is a combination of body and mind harmony. Control over one’s own body, physical fitness and increasing muscle stretch should go hand in hand with mindfulness exercises, meditation and improved well-being. The Western world, when adopting yoga techniques for commercial training, has focused primarily on the physical aspect of yoga, leaving the spiritual practices in the background. Recent trends observed in the development of yoga are directed not only at modernizing classical exercises, introducing new difficulties or styles of practicing yoga, but also at expanding the psychological issues of the sport.

New variants of yoga are a plane that is constantly evolving. Training plans are tailored to the individual needs of participants, so there are special yoga classes for seniors, young people, children, pregnant women or newlywed moms. Popular sports trends also refer to strengthening specific parts of the body, for example, legs, spine or facial muscles. Suggestions on the market are many, and here are some of the most interesting.

Yoga with light therapy

Training innovative yoga with special lighting is to relax the body and mind with the help of relaxing music, movements and appropriate light. Special lighting incorporating several colors is intended as an alternative to blue light, which irritates the eyes and reduces brain function. Yoga performed in properly prepared conditions has a relaxing effect, helps to restore concentration, normalize the work of the body, calm the thoughts and relax the overworked mind.

Yoga with light therapy is especially recommended for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen, working in a sedentary mode and struggling with severe headaches. This type of yoga is great for the fall and winter seasons when the body receives less natural sunlight.

Yoga in pairs

Physical activity is also a way to spend free time together. Yoga is meeting the needs of athletes and improving classes by creating group exercise offerings. Acroyoga, or acrobatic yoga done in pairs, is popular. The exercises improve body coordination, increase the sense of balance, strengthen muscles and help achieve better body conditioning.

Another interesting choice is Aerial Yoga, which takes place on hammocks or specially prepared ropes. The proposed set of exercises and postures are easier to perform when accompanied by a partner, so it works great as an activity for two. Yoga is also often a way to integrate company employees, so the new variants of the sport combine training in building relationships in a group with yoga exercises. This variation is called laughter yoga and is a form of body relaxation, as well as a way to reduce the stress of daily responsibilities.

HIIT yoga

Intense interval training not only works well as part of strength training or cardio, but also when doing yoga. HIIT in the form of yoga is based on performing specific exercises in timed sequences, during which the amount of effort put into executing the movements increases. Intensive yoga training accelerates the effects of yoga, helps burn calories faster, increases the physical fitness of the body and improves the overall efficiency of the body.

Yoga combined with HIIT may not be a suitable option for every advanced athlete, so before starting a regular class, it is advisable to complete a sample workout available for free online and test your skills.

again a little inspiration … even if not everything works out it’s worth it just to be in motion.

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