How to properly select a set of exercises for tabata training?

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Lack of time will no longer be an excuse to avoid exercise. Tabata is a workout that only takes four minutes! We suggest how to choose the optimal set of exercises to achieve the desired goals.

What is Tabata?

Tabata is a short, or even very short, interval training. It is four minutes of extremely intensive effort, after which you will be as tired as after a decent training session at the gym. The training method was developed at the end of the last century by a Japanese man, Izumi Tabata. The basis of the training is to engage many muscle groups. The effects you can count on include better endurance, increased efficiency, and accelerated metabolism for a more effective reduction of fat tissue.

Interval training – get tired!

Without effort there are no results, this is an old saying of all people who fell in love with physical activity with all their hearts. You can be sure of one thing – interval training will give you a hard time. The effort is intertwined with rest. You do your best for 20 seconds to catch your breath for another 10 seconds. Fatigue increases with each repetition of a particular exercise. If, after four minutes, you can feel the muscles of your entire body, it means that the training was conducted properly.

However, remember to adjust the intensity of the exercises to your own body’s capabilities and capacity. You must find the golden mean. If the intensity of your workout is too low, it will not be effective. If you overdo it, there is an even greater danger. Excessive effort that exceeds your body’s capabilities is a high probability of injury. Before you decide to train hard, consult your doctor and check whether you have any health contraindications.

Interval with extra load?

You can choose one of two training paths. If your first Tabata workouts are ahead of you, start doing exercises with only your own body weight. Focus primarily on accuracy and precision. When you have mastered the technique perfectly, then you can apply yourself to more repetitions or decide to perform the exercises more slowly, but with an additional load. The optimal load is one that does not allow you to perform more than 8 repetitions of a given exercise in 20 seconds. If you exceed this limit, it’s time to increase the extra weight.

What exercises should I decide on?

When planning your workout, you have a wide variety of exercises to choose from. However, there is one rule – reach for such exercises that will engage the maximum number of muscle groups. This will make your training more effective and you will be able to see the first results sooner, in the form of a better-looking figure. You can decide on one exercise, then it is good that it involves many parts at the same time. If you choose several exercises, the scope of each of them may be smaller.

Exercise set vs. training goals

Before carefully planning each training unit, think carefully about the effects you want to achieve. Tabata is by definition a full-body workout that should involve as many muscle groups as possible, but you can choose exercises in such a way that the greatest emphasis is placed on one particular zone, such as the abdomen. Opt for simplicity. Reach for exercises you know well. Then you won’t have to think about the correct technique, because muscle memory will work. You can then focus on the intensity of the workout, so you can achieve even better results.

Tabata – what are the most popular exercises?

The catalog of exercises that you can perform during a workout is extremely wide. Some of the most popular are sit-ups, jumping squats, jumping jacks, jumping jacks and running in place. You can also try push-ups to strengthen your arms, back and chest muscles. Have a stopwatch handy – it will make it easier to keep track of your exercise time.

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