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And YOU can exercise like a pro. Yes, and on top of that without leaving the comfort of your home. Are you wondering how it is possible? Solid sports equipment, including exercise bands, is at your fingertips. For a good start, arm yourself with motivation and see how they can support your health, fitness and performance

What is the difference between resistance bands?

What do you expect when you get your hands on a rubber band? A big surprise for sure. Don’t be fooled by the attractive colors, this is not a toy, but a widely used piece of sports equipment. The element of various shades of yes, has its undeniable aesthetic value, but it was introduced primarily to differentiate the resistance of individual “rubbers”. And so, in the most popular set offered by hurtel store you will find:

  • pink tape – resistance 8-14.5 kg
  • grey tape – resistance 13.5-22.5 kg
  • black tape – resistance 20.5-31.5 kg

Exercise bands – what material to choose?

Although the pleasant-to-the-touch fabric tapes have hit the home and professional gyms, we can not forget about other finishing materials. Rubber bands made of plastic give the exerciser the opportunity to train with the following load.

  • yellow tape – resistance 1.3 – 2.7 kg
  • red tape – resistance 4.5 – 5.5 kg
  • blue tape – resistance of 6.8 – 9 kg

Endurance training without leaving home

You already know what the differences are resistance bandsnow it is time to get down to business. How to use them? Due to the simplicity of use and small size, they are also suitable for less experienced people, also those who exercise mainly in the “four walls”. Their main task is to force your muscles to work out even more intensively, and thus: make your home workout more efficient – regardless of the body part. You can attach them to a handle, for example, and wrap the other end around your ankle. Now all you have to do is lift your leg against the resistance of your chosen band. Don’t have specialized equipment? After all, you have it at your fingertips! All you need for fitness training is a door and a handle.

This is a great option for both professionals and beginners – the main thing is to choose the rubber band with the appropriate resistance to be able to adjust the difficulty of the chosen workout. Ideas and possibilities are endless!

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