5 exercises you’ll love at the gym!

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The biggest advantage of fitness clubs is the professional gym equipment, which allows you to perform various types of training. Thanks to this you can successfully work on your figure and strength, as well as fitness and conditioning.

Today you will learn 5 exercises that will successfully help you burn excess calories, improve your form and work on your muscles. What’s most important, while performing them you will not only sweat a lot, but also have fun! We invite you!

1. Indoor cycling

Stationary bike is undoubtedly the most recognizable equipment when it comes to professional gym equipment. However, training on it does not have to be boring. It is enough if we decide on indoor cycling, also known as spinning, that is aerobics on a stationary bike. Such training is very intensive. Riding a stationary bicycle is dynamic and takes place in the rhythm of music. Some of the exercises require you to lift yourself on the pedals, which engages more of your muscles. During the workout the arms are also worked (lifts, swings, etc.) – often special wrist weights are used to increase the effectiveness of the workout.

2. Training with TRX

TRX straps are an ideal way to perform functional training. You can use them to perform a variety of exercises that will have a positive impact on stabilizing joints, strengthening muscles and improving flexibility. Usually at the gym TRX bands can be found next to ladders, gates or functional cages

There are many exercises with TRX straps, the most popular ones include squats with one leg supported on TRX straps, lowering the trunk on TRX straps or pulling the trunk up in support with TRX. It is worth noting that TRX straps are not only professional gym equipment, but also quite inexpensive equipment that can be easily used at home.

3. Pressing dumbbells on a bench

An interesting alternative to the traditional barbell pressing is dumbbell pressing on a bench. This is a chest exercise that slightly better engages the stabilizing muscles to work and allows you to get a better stretch and tense muscles.

4. Battle rope workout

Rope training is a part of crossfit, which is a combination of strength training and conditioning. It is an exercise that originated in combat sports because it was originally used to prepare athletes for strength and endurance. Training with ropes involves practically all muscles in a very dynamic way. It involves moving a thick and heavy rope (or two ropes). Battle rope involves a wide range of movements such as twisting, whipping, pulling or stretching. When performing them, you can also do squats and jumps, increasing the intensity of the exercise.

5. Dead pull

One of the most versatile resistance exercises that engages virtually all muscle parts. When looking at performing a dead pull, it may not be so apparent, but by doing it, we will have no doubt that our entire body is being worked. Dead pull is an exercise that must be done very carefully and correctly, otherwise we can lead to a serious injury.

However it is worth to include the deaddrag into your training at the gym, at first with a smaller load, focusing on its correct performance. While performing this exercise you should keep your back straight. The exercise itself is made up of three main movement sequences performed with weight, consisting of pushing off with the heel, straightening the knees and pushing the hips forward to straighten the body.

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