What kind of sports watch to buy?

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What kind of sports watch to buy? What functions should a smart watch have? What to pay attention to when buying a device of this kind? Is a sports band or a larger smart watch a better option? If you are looking for the optimal watch for you, we invite you to read!

  1. What is a smartband?
  2. Cheap fitness band – Xiaomi smartband
  3. Which sports band for runners?
  4. Smart sports watch or smartwatch – what to choose?

A huge number of different solutions that can currently be found on the market, for many interested parties is a problem. Ultimately, we are unable to decide which sports watch to choose. But before you start your search, check out the differences between fitness bands and sports watches, including watches for runners.

What is a smartband?

Standard smartband is a kind of sports armband, equipped with a number of functions that allow the device to monitor physical activity. In most cases, a smartband counts the distance traveled, steps and calories burned, monitors heart rate in real time, measures the current speed – if it has a built-in GPS, and also sends alerts, encouraging physical activity when we remain motionless for too long. A smartband is a sufficient solution that will work for undemanding users. If you do not need a typical smart watch that will allow you – for example – to write back to SMS or view your calendar, a sports band will be the optimal option for you.

Cheap fitness band – Xiaomi smartband

Are you interested in a cheap smartband? Be sure to check out these solutions offered by the brand Xiaomi. Currently, the products of this company are the most popular among sports bands because of their quality, functionality and attractive and relatively low price.

If you need a proven model, be sure to pay attention to Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6. This sixth generation may not be revolutionary compared to the previous device, but some changes make it better to choose just the sixth generation. The pluses include, first of all, more activity and blood oxygenation measurement, which was missing in previous models. In addition, the larger display guarantees better readability of notifications. The font has also been enlarged, so that no user has problems with reading – for example – SMS messages. Water resistance of Xiaomi sports band is up to 50 m.

Before you decide to buy a wristband from Xiaomi, it is necessary to carefully study the parameters of the available devices. Then choose the version that suits your needs. Or maybe Xiaomi products do not meet your expectations and you are looking for another wristband? Be sure to check out the products of Huawei.

Which sports band for runners?

The best running watch is one that was created from start to finish with this form of activity in mind. If you are looking for a solution of this kind, be sure to choose models with built-in GPS. Features that measure distance, steps, time and heart rate are also important. More expensive running watches have other options built in as well. There are models with extensive workout lists. These types of products are called multisport watches. Are they worth choosing? It all depends on whether you do other physical activities as well, or whether you need a sports watch just for running.
From the popular models that you will find on the market, Garmin Forerunner watches stand out, which is a solution designed and manufactured with runners in mind. This series includes several variants, which between them may differ in the availability or absence of certain additional features.

For example, the Garmin Forerunner 745 watch is not only a device designed to monitor performance and training statistics. It is also a smart watch that allows you to freely control music or proximity payments. The 245 effectively analyzes data, evaluating statistics related to your oxygen ceiling, the effects of anaerobic and aerobic training, and your training status. This will allow you to determine if your workout was intense enough or if it was too hard for you. The advantages of this model also include a feature that tracks running dynamics. For people who are looking for something simpler and less advanced we recommend, among others, the watch Garmin Forerunner 55. This is a device that will help you, among other things, lead a completely healthy lifestyle and motivate you to run. While running or walking, it accurately measures both time, speed, pace, distance and heart rate.

Of course, you will find more information about each solution under the product description. Carefully read the technical parameters and choose the running watch that meets your expectations. Each modern monitoring wristband has a built-in heart rate monitor and other technologies, thanks to which a modern smartband will allow you to measure the quality of sleep and control the type of physical activity. Some even have the ability to answer calls, so if you need this feature, pay attention to its availability. At first, it seems difficult to choose a smartband, but with these tips, you’re sure to find a quality piece of equipment

Smart sports watch or smartwatch – which to choose?

If you are wondering which smart watch will be the right solution for you, get to know the differences between sports models and typical smartwatches. In the latter case, you get a greater variety of features. A smartwatch is not only a smart, but also a modern watch that has the ability to display notifications, allow you to answer calls, check the weather or calendar. In most cases, smartwatches have their operating system built-in, and some of the applications that are supported by it do not need to connect to your phone. The thing is different with a smart band – this one already requires another device – such as a phone, laptop or tablet – to use the data.

Will you often use your smart watch for training? Specialists suggest that in this case you should buy a special sports watch. Why? Because sports watches are equipped with better technology that monitors activity more precisely than a standard smartwatch. Every manufacturer offers their watches and other such devices with a strap or band. However, you can find sports wristbands in different colors, the best example being the xiaomi wristband. Due to the fact that interchangeable straps are used, you can match the color with your outfit.

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