What to replace unhealthy mayonnaise with? Kitchen tips

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Mayonnaise is an additive that can be extremely useful in the kitchen. It is invaluable when preparing additives for sandwiches, salads or other snacks. Traditional mayonnaise consists of oil and eggs. However, there is a healthy and vegan alternative that works just as well in the kitchen.

Traditional mayonnaise

The classic mayonnaise that everyone knows well is made from oil and eggs. This product is not very healthy for the human body. One tablespoon of this substance, which is about 25 g, contains up to 160 calories, including 18 g of fat. This is a lot for a sauce that is just a side dish. Mayonnaise also causes an increase in bad cholesterol in the blood. In 10 tablespoons of this sauce there is about 200-300 mg, which is the daily requirement for this component, and a person eats much more cholesterol-raising products in the body every day. Too much cholesterol supplied to the body leads to clogging of veins, which in turn impedes the circulation of blood through the body. Excess cholesterol leads to heart attack, stroke or atherosclerosis. For this reason, you should choose a healthier mayonnaise alternative, such as vegan mayonnaise

Vegan mayonnaise

The basic element of classic mayonnaise is eggs, which is a zoonotic product. This means that this sauce is not suitable for people on a vegan diet. This is why there is a vegan equivalent without eggs, which is worth getting interested in. Vegan mayonnaise is suitable not only for vegans, but also for those who are concerned about their weight. Vegan mayonnaise is light, tasty and, like its traditional counterpart, is widely used in the kitchen.

What are the characteristics of vegan mayonnaise?

Vegan mayonnaise is a product that is very low in fat compared to traditional mayonnaise. The vegan product is also low in calories and can be consumed even by people who struggle with elevated blood cholesterol levels on a daily basis. This type of food item also does not contain gluten. Gluten-free mayonnaise is worth buying in a health food store. Organic product with a good composition does not have any additional and unhealthy substances, such as preservatives or dyes and is made only from natural ingredients, which are produced without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, chemical pesticides or emulsifiers

Vegan mayonnaise and taste

Despite the lack of eggs in its composition, vegan mayonnaise does not differ in taste from the traditional product. Organic gluten-free mayonnaise has the same consistency and very similar taste to the classic mayonnaise, despite the fact that it is 100% made from plants. In addition, it has no sugar, preservatives or gluten in its composition. How does such mayonnaise taste? It is delicate, creamy and perfectly composes with various dishes. It will be perfect as an addition to salads, casseroles, and even as a substitute for butter in the case of toasts and sandwiches. Such gluten-free mayonnaise can also be added to burgers, croquettes, baked potatoes, and even pizza

Where to buy vegan mayonnaise BIO?

When choosing any vegetarian or vegan products, it is worth reaching for BIO items in special stores and outlets with organic food. Why is this worth doing? Organic foods contain natural ingredients of the highest quality, which are carefully selected from trusted crops or farms. You do not have to worry about mayonnaise purchased in such a place – without a doubt, it is much healthier and more valuable than the traditional sauce

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