How to do twine?

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Twine is one of the most popular acrobatic figures. To be able to perform it, you need to prepare for it properly. What kind of stretching exercises will work best in this case? What should the warm-up look like?

How do I prepare for a backbend?

If you want to master the art of twisting, you need to be patient. It’s an acrobatic figure which requires very intensive preparation. The key issue here is the level of stretching. People who do not exercise regularly will need more training than those who have been training for many years. Genetic predisposition is no less important. Owners of low-stretch tendons must reckon with slightly longer preparations.

It is impossible not to mention age. The older we get, the less limber our body becomes. How long, on average, does it take to prepare for a twist? The time needed to master this figure can vary from a few weeks to a few months. The most important thing in preparation is regularity. The more often you practice, the faster you will see the effects.

Proper stretching technique is equally important. Therefore, the first training should be done under the supervision of an experienced trainer, who will show you how to perform specific exercises.

How to stretch for twine?

Before you start stretching, you should warm up for about 10 minutes. This is the best way to prepare the tissues for the intense lengthening. If you skip this part of training, you may risk injury. What is worth remembering while performing stretching exercises? First of all, you should never do them by force. This is the shortest way to muscle strain and soreness. During the workout, instead of tensing your muscles, you should relax. Your knees need to be straight and your toes need to be tucked.

When deepening the stretch, do not make jerky movements, but gradually lengthen the muscle. After reaching the maximum stretch, hold the position for at least several seconds. The first training sessions should consist of gentle stretching. You can gradually increase the load week by week. Exercises should always be performed on both legs.

Split It – twine in 30 days!

How do I do my first splits?

Twine is a great way to show that you’re in good physical shape.
Contrary to what you may think, learning to do twine is not difficult or labor intensive. The secret to performing your first ever twine is to be systematic and exercise well. Just stretch daily with our Split It program and you’ll see huge progress after the first month.

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Best exercises for twine

How do you exercise to stretch the muscles of the front and back of the thighs and the hamstrings? The first of the proven exercises is the forward stepping punch. How do you perform this exercise? Put your right leg forward and bend it at a 90-degree angle at the knee. The left leg is stretched back and straightened. Hold for about 30-40 seconds and then switch legs.

If you want to master the art of twine, you should also regularly perform kneeling stretches. To do this, kneel on one leg, extend the other leg forward and bend the knee at a right angle. The leg you are kneeling on extends backward and presses your pelvis against the ground. Hold for about 30-40 seconds and then switch legs. Another recommended exercise is pulling the foot towards the buttock. How to do this exercise? Kneel on one leg and with your hands pull the foot to the buttock. Do not bend your hips, do not sway from side to side, and keep your back straight. Hold for about 0.5 minutes and then switch legs.

Table stretching is another of the effective exercises for twine. Stand facing the table, put your right foot on it in such a way as to maintain a right angle between the thigh of the opposite leg and the left leg. Bend to the right leg, hold for 0.5 minutes, raise the trunk, and then bend to the other leg, holding for the same amount of time.

In order for the exercises for twine to bring measurable results, you should perform them as often as possible – preferably every day or every other day.

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