Caviar – types, properties and uses

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Caviar belongs to the group of food products considered luxurious, even though it is much more available nowadays than it used to be. Good quality caviar is considered a real delicacy, which has many enthusiasts all over the world – including Poland.

Caviar – what is it?

Caviar is nothing more than salted roe of some fish species, however, it is interesting to note that the term is also used for snail eggs. The most of the caviar that is available on the global markets comes from planned breeding. The history of this delicacy goes back many centuries. In Russia, caviar was already well known in the 12th century, when sturgeon and the royal cav iar obtained from it were included in the official menu of the royal court. To this day, caviar is one of the main products used in Russian cuisine – it is inextricably associated with it.

What are the types of caviar?

There are at least several types of caviar, but it is said that there are three main varieties, the first of which is red caviar. This is primarily the roe of fish from the salmonidae family. In this group there are, among others, salmon or gorbuca caviar. Very popular is also the red trout caviar, which in addition to its high taste has many valuable nutritional properties

The second basic type of caviar is black caviar, also called Russian caviar. It is the already mentioned sturgeon caviar obtained from various fish belonging to the sturgeon family, with particular emphasis on beluga, starry sturgeon, and western sturgeon. Black caviar is black only by name – it comes in a wide range of colors, from silvery-black to gray-brown.

Finally, the third most famous but very expensive type of caviar is white caviar, also called golden caviar, obtained from Persian sturgeon. In addition, caviar is also obtained from other species of fish – pollock or cod caviar are excellent examples.

Caviar – nutritional properties

Experts from Carrefour’s fish department encourage Poles to reach for caviar, not only because of the exceptional taste of this product. It is very healthy. First of all, it is an extremely rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body. They support the functioning of the heart and circulatory system, and help in the fight against depression.

In addition, caviar contains a lot of vitamin A, which improves vision, accelerates wound healing and stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. Caviar is also rich in B vitamins and vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Besides, caviar is often said to be a strong aphrodisiac, but there is no scientific evidence that caviar from cod or other fish increases the sex drive. However, there is no doubt that regular consumption of caviar improves mood, which is due to its nutritional properties.

What to eat with caviar?

Traditionally, caviar is served chilled with blini or toast with butter. It also tastes great when served on crushed ice with chopped lemons and high-quality bread, such as rye. Caviar is also a great addition to sushi and toothpick appetizers. However, we must remember not to spread it – it should always be placed whole! Black caviar goes very well with vodka and champagne, and red caviar goes well with dry white wine.

Caviar applications – not only in the kitchen

Speaking of caviar, we mainly mean the original delicacy. Meanwhile, caviar is used not only in the kitchen, but also, inter alia, in cosmetics. Due to the fact that it improves collagen synthesis slowing the appearance of the first signs of aging of the skin, it is used in the production of skin care cosmetics. Systematic use of preparations that contain it, clearly supports the fight against numerous imperfections such as visible blackheads and discoloration. It gives the skin a healthy color, improves its hydration level and becomes firmer

On the basis of caviar there are also many exclusive cosmetics designed for hair care.

How to buy good caviar?

Buying good caviar is actually quite a challenge. This is because there is no shortage of various caviar substitutes or products derived from it or referring to it only in name. Besides, caviar is not a common enough delicacy for everyone to have experience in buying it. however, there are several important indications that caviar is of high quality

For starters, you need to check that it comes from a legitimate source and what its expiration date is. Check the structure of the roe – it has no right to stick to your fingers. The best caviar is obtained from a single species of fish and subjected to a single salting. It has a consistent aroma, without any foreign smell that could indicate inferior quality.

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