Why should physically active women eat green vegetables?

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Vegetables and fruits should form the basis of every diet, especially in physically active people. Green vegetables prevent cancer, improve memory, and have a positive effect on the digestive system.

Green vegetables are an essential part of the diet of every person leading a healthy lifestyle, regardless of gender and physical activity level. However, it turns out that such products as spinach, kale, chives, cucumbers, lettuce or cabbage are particularly beneficial for women. Studies have shown that women who regularly eat green vegetables, especially broccoli and cabbage, have a 40% reduction in ovarian cancer.

What’s more, magnesium-rich vegetables such as spinach and Swiss chard reduce the severity of migraine attacks and help with urinary incontinence problems. Green vegetables can also be helpful during menopause, as the vitamin E they contain prevents hot flashes and bloating. The list of healthy vegetables that will perfectly complement the diet of any physically active woman is long, and here are some of the products that should definitely be on it.


Rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D and folate, spinach is one of the vegetables that every woman should eat regularly. The calcium it contains rebuilds bones and prevents bone mass loss during menopause, reduces muscle cramps, regulates heart function, and is involved in the blood clotting process, which can be especially important for women who struggle with hemophilia. Along with vitamin D, calcium reduces feelings of premenstrual tension and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

This vegetable is also an excellent source of folic acid, which is an essential nutrient for proper pregnancy development. Unfortunately, spinach also contains oxalates, which limit the absorption of micronutrients such as calcium and iron, so to reduce the amount of oxalates in the vegetable, it should be cooked.


Broccoli belongs to the family of brassica vegetables that are rich in sulforaphane. Studies have shown that this substance has a strong anti-cancer effect. It prevents the formation of cancer cells, and when the disease occurs, it significantly reduces its development and reduces the risk of metastasis. Women struggling with ovarian cancer can follow a diet rich in broccoli to support the medical therapy used.

These green florets also provide high amounts of dietary fiber, vitamin C and manganese, which protect against diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Green vegetables are also low in calories, so they have a positive effect on weight loss diets and give a feeling of satiety.


Cucumbers contain a large amount of water, as much as 98%, so they are great for replenishing fluids in the body, deacidifying the body and cleansing it of harmful toxins. These green vegetables have a beneficial effect on health by lowering cholesterol levels, stabilizing blood pressure and strengthening joints. Thanks to the silicon in cucumbers, regular consumption can reduce muscle and joint pain and support the cardiovascular system. Many of the cucumber’s nutrients are found not only in its flesh, but also in its skin, so it’s a good idea to eat the vegetable unpeeled. Green cucumber is a low-calorie product, which is a rich source of fiber, which facilitates digestion, speeds up metabolism, gives a feeling of satiety, eliminates hunger and reduces gastric problems.


Provides a large amount of vitamin A, which improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails and benefits eyesight. Parsley is also a source of iron, thanks to which it strengthens the immune system, fights bacteria and viruses in the body, and provides muscles with the oxygen they need to work. The mineral is also recommended for women during menstruation, as it replenishes the nutrients of the blood. In addition to parsley, it is worth including its root in the diet, which has a diuretic effect and helps detoxify the body.

Is it worth eating ???? green vegetables?

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