Low and high impact aerobics – which option will work best for you?

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The level of exercise intensity during aerobics classes can be easily adjusted to the individual preferences and abilities of each participant. How to choose the most effective one?

Low impact aerobics

Low impact aerobic classes are dedicated to beginners and last from 30 to 45 minutes. Their intensity is much lower than in more developed workouts, and the exercises themselves are simple and do not strain the muscles

The main idea of low impact aerobics is to reduce the pace, breathing efficiency and the possibility of exercise for a wider range of participants. Thanks to the less demanding conditions, classes can be attended not only by beginners, but also pregnant women, seniors, people struggling with excess weight or suffering from hypertension or heart disease. Exercises performed during this type of class include marching in place, knee raises, and arm and leg swings

Normally all the movements are performed to the rhythm of music, which in the case of low impact aerobics helps to perform the exercises in a rhythmic manner, so as to achieve a heart rate from 125 to about 150 beats per minute

High impact aerobics

The exercises included in the more intense aerobics require the participant to be in better physical condition, respiratory capacity, and fitness. During classes, the athlete’s heart rate ranges from 160 to 180 beats per minute, making it more difficult to get air or rest between specific series

The dynamic training is based on almost constant jumps, leaps, turns and running elements. In addition to the intensity of the exercises themselves, the tempo and speed of the music that accompanies the workout is also increased. High impact aerobics is not recommended for people with cardiovascular problems, heart problems or high blood pressure.

To freely and safely perform the entire workout lasting over an hour, you need to achieve a certain level of advancement in regular exercise, so this type of classes are less universal, although their effects are much faster and more visible. High impact aerobics helps in a short time to improve the respiratory capacity of the body, general motor coordination, as well as easily burn fat tissue

Which variant to choose?

Beginners or those struggling with various illnesses or injuries should definitely start their training with low impact aerobics. This will allow them to build their fitness while not risking discomfort, injury or additional health problems. Furthermore, the lower load will prepare the body for the next level of training and make it easier to transition to higher intensity and heavier loads

Athletes who have been training any sport for a long time can start aerobic classes with a high impact session, checking their current level. Incorporating aerobic classes into the training plan will help to develop the body comprehensively, ensure good breathing capacity and motor coordination of the entire body.

An alternative solution is also HI-LO aerobics, which is a combination of both variants of aerobic exercises. With this option, participants can safely increase the load or adjust the intensity level of all exercises to their individual preferences and abilities.

Main photo: Jonathan Borba/unsplash.com

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