Zumba Toning – dance training to strengthen muscles

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Zumba and its variation – Zumba Toning – is a proven way to reduce body fat. Training to the sounds of Latin music will bring amazing results!

Zumba – what is it?

You want to burn excess fat, but running or cycling is not your favourite kind of training? If you feel good working out to the rhythm of energetic Latin music, then Zumba will be an excellent option for you. It is a combination of exercise and dance. Are you dreaming of a slim figure? Is excess body fat giving you a hard time? Dance your body and soul away – Zumba will help you slim your figure and speed up your metabolism – of course only if you decide to train regularly!

Zumba Toning – exercises with weights

Zumba is a great fat burning workout. But what about muscle sculpting? If you want your silhouette to take the shape of your dreams and your muscles to become visible, try Zumba Toning. The main difference is that the workout uses weights. They are not very heavy – weighing less than a kilo, but by using them, the workout changes its profile a bit. It no longer contributes only to burning fat, but also strengthens muscles and firms the body. And all this to the energetic sounds of Latin music.


Zumba Toning????
It is a variation of Zumba Fitness, which is an effective and pleasant way to lose kilograms and shape the body, it also improves motor coordination and strengthens the body. Zumba Toning is great fun and a way to de-stress.

If you want to know what effects it gives and how it differs from Zumba Fitness, have a look here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/zumba-z-basią/zumba-toning/2254395584825458/

Published by Zumba with Basia – ZUMBA Fitness Instructor Wednesday, 22 May 2019

How to prepare for a workout?

Every workout is a different challenge. If you choose to exercise from the proverbial walk, you may be disappointed. Before you decide on a particular form of workout, find out what it involves. We’re all different – just because your friend is happily dancing to Latin music and praising Zumba to the skies doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it too. Don’t blindly buy a six-month pass for classes. Go for a free training session and if you are satisfied, you will be able to add zumba to your regular training schedule.

While regular zumba doesn’t require any additional equipment, when going for a Zumba Toning class you will need small weights – toning sticks. They are light (they weigh less than a kilogram) and make pleasant sounds (they resemble the famous Latin rattles). If you don’t have such weights, ask in the fitness club – there is a high probability that you will be able to rent them on the spot without much problem.

Zumba Toning – why is this workout so effective?

The secret is not only in the energetic music, with which the body wants to move itself, but also in the weights. Training with additional weights has a positive effect on accelerating metabolic processes and helps to shape the body. After just a few sessions you will notice the difference – your muscles will be significantly strengthened (this will be especially visible in the case of arms and buttocks). There is one more advantage – rattling weights will help you catch the right rhythm of exercises!

What effects can be expected when training regularly?

Regular training with rhythmic sounds coming from the speakers is a great way to burn fat, strengthen muscles and slim your figure. In addition, you can count on feeling better after each workout! If you decide to train regularly, the results will be amazing:

slimmer figure – you will finally realize your dreams of a slim figure – the training may be tiring, but for the amazing effect it is definitely worth the sacrifice;

stronger muscles – Zumba Toning means not only a slimmer silhouette, but also stronger muscles – you will strengthen them thanks to exercises with additional load;

better motor coordination – exercises to the rhythm of energetic music with weights not exceeding one kilogram will contribute to better motor coordination

Stress reduction – Are you angry at the whole world? Boss gave you a hard time? Find out that there is no better way to reduce stress than intense training to the sounds of Latin music!

You don’t know if Zumba Toning is right for you? Sign up for a trial class!

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