Christmas in a sporty spirit. Find time for a short workout!

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Christmas brings with it a whole host of positive associations, and one of them is certainly a well-deserved rest after many months of hard work. Slightly more lazy atmosphere does not mean, however, that during this special time we should completely abandon physical activity. On the contrary – taking into account the specificity of the holiday, exercises can prove to be salutary for the maintenance of proper fitness.

Let’s be honest – the Christmas atmosphere is not necessarily conducive to practicing sports. The frenzy of buying gifts, preparing meals, and finally family conversations at a table laden with food – these are just some of the many factors that will effectively break us out of our training routine. Therefore, it is worth finding at least some time to exercise, so as not to lose good habits.

How to find additional motivation? The answer is childishly simple – do not allow yourself to make excuses and regardless of the environment do your work. The best time to be active is in the morning, when most people are still asleep. Christmas training doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to be 100% compatible with our daily schedule. Let’s choose the exercises that are the most fun for us, and any problems with motivation will go away in a blink of an eye! Here are some tried and tested suggestions.

Push-ups and squats

These are exercises designed to be performed in the comfort of your home, because you don’t need special equipment or a specially designated place – your will is enough! In addition, they do not require extremely advanced technical skills, so even beginners should not have major problems with them.

Abdominal obliques

Lie down on your back, put your non-guiding hand under your head, and put your guiding hand straight behind you. You should then bend your knees, and then draw them towards your chest, reaching with the guiding hand behind the thigh of the non-guiding leg. This exercise is performed alternately, and the number of repetitions is up to you.


The starting position is the body arranged like for a push-up, with hands spread on the width of shoulders. Bend the knee of the guiding leg and put it on the ground. Next, bend the non-guiding arm in the elbow and place the forearm on the floor, perpendicular to the torso, and straighten the guiding leg behind you. This last movement should be repeated about 30 times before switching sides.

Exercises with dumbbells

There are many variations on the theme of exercises with dumbbells. One of the most popular are the movements to the side and up with both hands. In order to properly perform this action, you should stand in a slight spread, holding dumbbells in slightly bent hands. Then lift the guiding hand above the head and return to the starting position. Then straighten the guiding hand to the side and again return to the resting state. This short strength exercise is ideal for when you are resting.

Running, Nordic walking, skating

You can also combine the pleasant with the useful! It is not at all said that the training must be done at home. A short run, walking with poles, or going with a group of friends to the ice rink will certainly not turn out to be worse than standard training sets.

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