What shoes to choose for hiking?

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The weather is getting more and more inviting for walks and hikes in the mountains and lowlands. When hiking, well-fitting, comfortable clothes are important, but also, shoes. The right footwear can help you cover many miles with ease, as long as they are matched to the terrain. See which shoes are best to choose for long hikes.

Protection and support for your foot

During a long walk, the sole of the shoe is extremely important. It needs to be thick to effectively insulate your feet from the ground, but it also needs to conform to the shape of your foot. By fitting the sole of the shoe to your foot, you can avoid corns, chafing, and strains that can happen with uncomfortable shoes. The proper shaping of the sole relieves the muscles and tendons in your foot while hiking, even on difficult, uneven terrain. If you want to avoid possible injury and walk as much distance as possible without difficulty, choose shoes with a comfortable, sturdy, but gentle sole for your foot. Nagaba offers a wide range of shoes perfect for long distance hiking. In the online store, you will find shoes that will protect your feet from excessive fatigue or possible injuries that could result from the selection of inappropriate footwear.

Ankle stabilization

Long-distance mountain expeditions often end in ankle injuries. On uneven, unstable terrain it’s very easy to twist the foot and strain or sprain the ankle joint. This can be prevented with the right boots, which provide the right support for the ankle. Mountain boots should reach slightly behind the ankle and stiffen it, so that it does not lead to injury. Salewa women’s boots offer just that stability, which will keep you as safe as possible while walking on uneven terrain. In addition to all the features that a hiking shoe should have, they have a unique style that will make you stand out on the trail. While appearance isn’t the most important thing on a hike, if you like to look good in any situation, it’s a good idea to choose boots that combine both comfort and safety with aesthetics.

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Published by Salewa – we go to the mountains Thursday, 7 March 2019

Comfort and practicality

If you do not intend to climb Giewont in your shoes, but only to go for a few kilometers walk in the park or in the city, comfortable sports shoes are completely sufficient. Their advantage is that they match practically every style, so they will not be dust in the closet, waiting for the holiday season. Sports shoes even for short distances must be comfortable, they can not pinch you or drink in any place. Walking even a hundred yards in uncomfortable shoes that are too small, too big, too stiff, or simply ill-fitting can cause chafing, painful blisters, or wounds on your feet. If you want to really elevate your shoes and not save them just for long, demanding hikes, it’s worth choosing cheap shoes that you can exploit to your heart’s content without remorse. However, don’t sacrifice the comfort and health of your feet for the sake of a low price. Always try to combine the two or set your priorities when looking for the right footwear. The ideal walking shoes are those in which you feel like you are walking barefoot.

Hiking, mountain trekking or regular city walks require the right footwear to allow your feet to get you where you want to go. Poorly fitting shoes after only a few hundred metres can make you feel pain, and in extreme cases, injuries caused by inappropriate footwear take away the pleasure of walking for years. Think carefully about the decision to choose shoes for your hikes and choose the ones that will be perfect for you.

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