What are supplements?

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In today’s world, the term “healthy eating” is very relative. Food available in supermarkets and grocery stores is processed, modified, and preserved in such a way that it has little in common with freshness and health. Meat full of antibiotics and vegetables devoid of nutritional value make it difficult to maintain a balanced diet optimal for the body’s needs. In response to the needs and problems of modern man supplements were created. We tell you what they are and how to use them

What are dietary supplements and how do they work?

It is said that in a healthy and varied diet supplementation is not necessary. This is true, but nowadays it is difficult to buy healthy products full of nutrients and minerals. In addition, heat treatment further leaches everything good from meals, so that most people suffer from deficiencies in the body

Even if the product is good and contains a lot of vitamins, for example, you need to consider the absorption rate of the ingredient in your diet. You have to be aware that a lemon added to a hot tea almost instantly loses all the vitamin C and nothing gets into your body in the end. Therefore, even if you try to eat healthy, colorful and varied, it is worth reaching for immunity supplements on a daily basis. They are so much more effective than diet, because they have a much higher assimilability. They are also highly concentrated, so instead of eating five kilograms of carrots, you can swallow one tablet and replenish all the ingredients your body needs

Who are supplements for?

Anyone of any age can benefit from dietary supplementation. Even newborns take probiotics and vitamins in drops. For older children, vitamins are available in the form of jelly beans or candy, and adults take supplements in tablets or in the form of shakes

At https://terranovapolska.pl/ you will find natural dietary supplements that will supplement deficiencies in your body and allow you to function better. A great solution for busy people are ready-made sets of supplements capsules, closed in convenient sachets. Vitamin drinks are also easy to take and can even be drunk on the run

Every body, depending on gender, age, lifestyle and preferred diet has different needs. Therefore, there are different supplements for women, others for men over forty, and still others that vegetarians and vegans should take. Before starting supplementation, it’s worth doing a full panel of blood tests to find out what your body needs and in what doses. It’s also possible to overdo it with supplements, so check with your doctor and ask if he or she would recommend taking regular supplements for you

Can supplements replace a healthy diet?

Absolutely not! Taking dietary supplements does not exempt you from taking care of your body and eating a healthy diet. It is true that pills support the body and supplement deficiencies in nutrients, but they are not able to provide the full dose of vitamins and minerals that you need to function properly

As the name suggests, they are only meant to supplement what is missing and supplement your diet, not replace it. Don’t give up a healthy lifestyle and a rich diet in favor of supplementation, as it will never work for you.

Main Photo: Volodymyr Hryshchenko/unsplash.com

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