Zumba music – find out the best songs for your dance workout!

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Zumba is a popular dance class set to fun, upbeat, danceable music. What kind of music works best for such a workout?

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a dance aerobic training, which is a combination of aerobics, strength exercises and steps characteristic for Latin American dances. The routines presented during such classes are not complicated, which makes it easy to attend even for people who have never danced before.

Zumba was invented by a Colombian dancer, choreographer and fitness instructor, Alberto “Beto” Perez, who one day forgot to bring tapes with music to his classes and decided to improvise steps to Latino songs he had with him. The participants liked the training so much that Perez decided to organize it regularly.

Who is Zumba for? It is good for everyone, regardless of age. Classes of this type are perfect for people who want to slim their figure. As zumba is a form of aerobic training, it effectively burns calories and strengthens the heart. All those who want to relax and feel better in their own bodies can also successfully sign up for such classes. The steps presented by the instructor are very easy, which means that it only takes a short while to learn them. In case of any mistakes, no one will pay attention to them. Having fun is much more important here than the technical details.

Zumba and its advantages

Why should you sign up for Zumba classes today? They are a proven way to burn calories intensively. During one hour of dancing it can be as much as 450 kcal. It is impossible to get bored during zumba training, which significantly motivates to participate in subsequent meetings. Everyone dances as well as they can and is not judged by other participants. This is especially important for beginners.

Zumba is an excellent opportunity to learn the steps of Latin dances, such as samba, salsa or cha-cha. Sometimes zumba instructors also introduce elements of belly dance or hip-hop. This type of training is extremely versatile modeling the entire body. While dancing, almost all the muscles work. A huge advantage of Zumba is the fact that it can be successfully trained by people of all ages, regardless of their condition.

ZUMBA has only advantages ??
Why ❓

? it helps you to lose weight in a pleasant way
? improves fitness and…

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Types of Zumba

There are several different types of zumba that we can have to deal with. One of them is zumba basic, which is a class dedicated to people of average physical fitness. It is a good solution for active people who ride bikes or run. In fitness clubs, you can also meet with zumba toning. These are classes for advanced people in good shape. They differ from classical training in that dance routines are used with the use of weights. Another type of zumba is zumba gold. These classes are designed for older people, those who have not exercised for a long time or those who suffer from back or joint problems.

What is the ideal music for zumba?

Music is an inseparable element of zumba. This type of training is based on the rhythm of a specific song. During the zumba classes you can usually hear cheerful, energetic and lively music. Mostly they are performed by Spanish-speaking artists, but it is not a rule. Many of the zumba songs are in English.

Every year there are new songs well suited for this type of dance workout. You can find a lot of playlists on the web that contain songs in this climate. Some of the most popular zumba songs are: “Pégate” (Ricky Martin), “Sexy and I know it” (LMFAO), “Waka Waka” (Shakira), “Talk that talk” (Rihanna feat. Jay Z) and “Shake Senora” (Pitbull).

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