Kidney detox – how to cleanse the kidneys with herbs and diet?

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The diuretic effect of certain products helps cleanse the urinary system, improve kidney function, and remove harmful substances from the body.

Proper kidney function

The urinary system, of which the kidneys are one of the most important components, is responsible every day for purifying about 180 liters of blood, which contains chemicals, food metabolites, and damaged or dead cells. The kidneys are a kind of filter that separates toxins and then secretes them along with urine.

Moreover, these organs also control the proper level and composition of body fluids, are responsible for efficient water and electrolyte management, and produce urine. Proper functioning of the kidneys improves the work of the entire body, so these organs have developed independent systems that allow for regular cleansing.

With certain diseases, ailments, genetics, unhealthy lifestyles or poor nutrition, these processes can be disrupted, so it is worth taking care of them on a daily basis with the right diet and herbs.

What symptoms indicate the need for a kidney detox?

Kidney problems affect the work of the entire body, so the first symptoms of pollution should be visible to everyone.

Excessive toxins in the urinary system can lead to: swelling of the limbs, swelling around the eyes, frequent urination, pain under the ribs, drowsiness, pale skin tone, headaches, vomiting, fever, increased blood pressure and a burning sensation when urinating. In cases of kidney abnormalities, the urine itself also becomes characteristic, often turning dark/bloody, cloudy, emitting a strong ammonia-like odor, and foaming.

The occurrence of these types of symptoms can clearly indicate that the body is fighting a kidney infection or excessive toxins, so a visit to the doctor is necessary. A kidney detox should therefore not be done without consulting a specialist, as if done improperly it can worsen the current condition or lead to serious urinary tract diseases.

Herbal detox for kidneys

Products that help cleanse the kidneys have a diuretic effect, which means that they increase the production of urine. More urine helps remove harmful toxins, chemicals or bacteria, and improves kidney function. Several herbs are recommended by experts for this type of treatment, including parsley, ginger, nettle, horsetail, horsetail, lawson, dandelion root, turmeric, and bearberry.

Infusions are prepared depending on the specific herb. For example, dandelion and valerian leaf make a good detoxifying blend that should be steeped for about 10 minutes. 2 cups of such an infusion should be consumed daily for a week. Parsley can be drunk more often, up to several cups per day, using about a teaspoon of herbs per cup.

Pain-relieving ginger is prepared by pouring two teaspoons of freshly grated spice into two cups of hot water. The infusion is strained and then honey and lemon juice are added. A similar drink is prepared from turmeric, but you can add a little cayenne pepper to it.

Kidney detox and diet

In addition to including herbs that cleanse the kidneys of harmful substances in your daily diet, you can enrich your menu with diuretic products that will support the detoxifying effects of herbs. Such vegetables, fruits and foods include:
– celery,
– dill,
– zucchini,
– eggplant,
– tomatoes,
– broccoli,
– carrots,
– onions,
– garlic,
– raspberries,
– watermelon,
– strawberries,
– apples,
– gooseberries,
– blueberries,
– cranberries.

Daily drinking of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, rosehip infusion, or warm water with honey and lemon juice can also improve kidney condition. Diuretic products have a strong detoxifying and antioxidant effect, disinfect the urinary tract, and help remove excess water from the body, preventing it from being retained again.

Cleansing the kidneys supports the natural filtration processes of these important organs. To carry out a detox, it is worth reaching…

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