Cocktail diet vs physical activity – can every woman afford it?

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Juicing is one of the most popular diet trends. Within 15 days you can lose up to 4 kg!

What is the cocktail diet about?

As the name suggests, that way of eating is based on taking vegetable or fruit smoothies. Depending on the author of the diet, the proportions and plans may differ slightly, but the main idea is the same. Full meals are replaced with blended drinks based on milk, water, yogurt, kefir or buttermilk. All the ingredients used in the diet can be adjusted to the user’s individual preferences.

The most popular smoothie diet is the Body Reset program created by Harley Pasternak. The diet cycle lasts a total of 15 days and is divided into 3 stages. Each part is 5 days long, during which the cocktail ingredients and the number of cocktails consumed change.

Cocktail diet- it is one of the most pleasant options for losing weight?
It is based on tasty, healthy and …

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How to follow the cocktail diet?

The first stage of the Body Reset diet is based on cocktails in three colors. White drinks are prepared on the basis of dairy, so they contain a lot of protein and calcium. Such smoothies are meant to replace breakfast.

Lunchtime is the time to consume red smoothies, which consist of a large amount of fruit. The ingredients contained in them are supposed to give energy and a feeling of satiety. At the end of the day, the author of the diet has planned green smoothies. They consist mainly of vegetables that contain a lot of fiber and few calories, for example, spinach, cucumbers or broccoli. In addition to taking smoothies, during the day you can allow yourself two low-calorie snacks, the energy content of which must not exceed 200 kcal.

The second stage allows you to limit your diet to two smoothies a day, such as a white one for breakfast and a green one for dinner. For lunch, you can have a standard meal that will be within the calorie limit. The order of the smoothies and one meal can be interchanged at will. In the last 5 days of the smoothie diet, the participant drinks a fruit and vegetable drink only in the morning and completes the rest of the day’s menu with full meals.

Benefits and effects of the cocktail diet

the 15-day consumption of smoothies helps to lose weight. The cocktail diet allows you to lose 2 to 4 kilograms of weight. People with more weight have a chance to increase this result, but it is important to remember that it will be mainly water and not fat tissue.

An additional advantage of the cocktail diet is detoxification of the body. Taking vegetable and fruit drinks cleanses the body of harmful toxins, facilitates digestive processes and improves metabolism. Studies conducted on the cocktail diet prove that smoothies consumed regularly improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails. The diet also strengthens the immune system, increases energy levels and improves the absorption of nutrients contained in vegetables and fruits.

The recommendations of the smoothie diet allow you to exercise at the same time. It only needs to be properly balanced, so as not to overstrain and exhaust the body. A properly selected exercise plan can increase the effectiveness of the diet used.

Contraindications to the diet

Starting a cocktail diet should be consulted in advance with a doctor or professional nutritionist. A three-day drink therapy will not harm any healthy person, but long-term feeding on blended vegetables and fruits can have a negative impact on the health and proper functioning of the body.

The main contraindications to a smoothie diet are diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cancer and digestive diseases. Limiting the menu to smoothies is not advisable especially for pregnant women.

The smoothie diet is low in calories and rich in many minerals, but it is important to remember that vegetables and fruits will not provide all the necessary nutrients. For this reason, before starting the diet, you should carefully study the micronutrient content of each product used so that you can properly balance the meals you prepare.

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