What are the effects of a sugar detox?

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Excluding sugar from your daily diet is not an easy task, but it can benefit your workout and weight loss. That’s why sugar detox is gaining popularity. What are its most important principles?

How does sugar affect the body?

Sugar is commonly referred to as “white death” for a reason. The ingredient has no nutritional value and is just empty calories for the body. It leaches essential microelements from the blood, such as vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium. It is estimated that excessive sugar intake is one of the most common causes of overweight already occurring in more than 2 billion people in the world.

The ingredient raises the level of glucose in the body and may cause the occurrence of diseases such as diabetes, insulin resistance, atherosclerosis or cancer, causes migraines, increases tooth decay, contributes to problems with maintaining concentration, falling asleep, memory, leads to a sudden increase in energy and its drastic decline, reduces the body’s resistance to infection, weakens collagen fibers, and accelerates the aging process of the skin.

Exclusion or strong limitation of daily sugar intake can not only help you lose weight, improve your mood or eliminate bothersome ailments, but also extend your life, even by a few years.

Sugar detox consists of excluding sugar from your diet. It is not easy, but you do not have to wait long for the effects, because…

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What is a sugar detox?

The simplest definition to describe a sugar detox is the complete exclusion of sugar-containing products from your diet. This process is not easy, as a large portion of the population is unknowingly addicted to this ingredient. Eliminating sugar from consumption is not a form of a weight loss diet, but a cleansing of the body, so it can last from 6 to several days.

The temporary restriction mainly applies to products containing a large amount of carbohydrates and starch. A sugar detox reduces the intake of nuts, certain vegetables and fruits, fats, grains and legumes, sweets, sweetened beverages, dried fruits and nuts. When done correctly, a sugar detox allows you to achieve visible results in a short period of time and a permanent reduction in sugar intake, even after the body detox is complete.

Does a sugar detox improve workout performance?

Eliminating sugar from your diet has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the entire body. In practice, this means that reducing the ingredient consumed also affects physical activity. A sugar detox improves concentration, reduces feelings of sluggishness and fatigue, and improves performance. A more rested athlete, fed with a balanced meal rich in vitamins and minerals, better prepares his body for intense physical activity. Between exercises, he doesn’t supply his body with empty calories, so he can reduce his body weight faster and more effectively and slim down his whole figure.

Sugar also has a negative effect on muscles and joints, weakening collagen fibers. By cleansing the body of sugar, the athlete increases the strength and flexibility of muscle tissue, thus reducing the risk of injury or trauma.

What are the effects of a sugar detox?

In addition to cleansing the body of sugar, the detox is designed to wean the body from the sweet taste. Thus, it reduces cravings and helps control food cravings.

By replacing sugar-containing foods with foods rich in fiber, the athlete improves intestinal function and cleanses the intestines of harmful substances or pathogens (e.g. fungi). This phenomenon is particularly beneficial for physically active people, for whom metabolism is an important issue in the fight against excess weight.

Sugar detox also helps to improve skin condition, slows down the aging process, improves concentration, stabilizes blood glucose levels, causing the body to maintain a constant supply of energy, reduces the risk of certain diseases and accelerates weight loss. It can be used systematically every few weeks. This way, after several cleansing sessions, the body will wean itself off sweet products and will not need them to function properly.

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