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During regular trainings it happens that after some time we start to feel tired and routine, and the results cease to be satisfactory for us. To avoid such a situation, it is worth to diversify the exercises performed as much as possible. An excellent choice is the use of various types of weights for arms and legs, which will not only help overcome boredom, but will also positively affect the efficiency of training!

What do weights do?

Weights should be used mainly by people for whom completing a standard set of exercises is no longer a challenge. Undemanding workouts will not give you the desired results and can quickly become a tiresome chore. It has been proven that regular use of weights brings a number of benefits, such as building strength, dynamics and endurance, and especially faster fat burning!

What’s more, exercising with weights has a positive effect on bone density

. These types of workouts are sure to take your fitness to a whole new level – the only prerequisite is that you perform them with proper technique, which shouldn’t be a problem for women who visit the gym full-time.

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Types of weights

So let’s take a look at the types of weights available. Female athletes who want to effectively strengthen the muscles of their arms and legs will especially like wrist and ankle we

ights. They do not deprive you of comfortable movement, but at the same time they provide additional resistance, which makes even simple exercises much more challenging.

If, on the other hand, we want to temporarily build muscle mass, the best choice will be a training vest

. It is a professional piece of equipment, which allows you to adjust the load thanks to special pockets. It is enough to insert soft weights of any weight and start training. On the market, there is no shortage of vests equipped with reflective signs and even an additional pocket for a music player.

No less effective in the context of exercises with weights will turn out to be the Bulgarian bag

, popularly called somewhat grotesquely “goat”. Its greatest advantage is the possibility of changing the shape and distribution of load, which allows for extremely effective shaping of postural muscles. When used on arms, it will also contribute to increasing the strength and efficiency of our body.

What should you consider when buying weights?

When you decide to buy weights, it’s important to consider a few basic factors that can have a significant impact on your choice. The following aspects should be taken into account:

◾ clasp
◾ material
◾ stitching
◾ size
◾ thumb lock

Everyone, who has even a little bit to do with sport, surely knows that saving money on training equipment is not the best idea. It’s no different with weights – recognized brands have proven products of high quality. Among the most popular and respected manufacturers you will find Reebok, Body Sculpture or Tiguar.

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