Dumbbells for women – which type will work best for you?

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Dumbbells are the perfect solution for all women who dream of slim, firm arms. Sports accessories of this type are extremely versatile – with their help you can perform many exercises. Dumbbells for women available on store shelves may differ from each other in materials and weight. They are suitable for both exercises at the gym and training at home. What kind of materials are used to produce weights? How much should these accessories weigh? We suggest!

Materials used to produce dumbbells for women

Neoprene dumbbells – the inside is made of cast iron and the outside is made of neoprene. This makes dumbbells of this type very pleasant to the touch. As neoprene does not absorb moisture, you do not have to worry about the weight slipping out of your hand during exercise. Even if it does, the material will cushion the fall and dampen the sound of the impact. The weight of neoprene dumbbells varies from 0.5 to 5 kilograms. They can have round, square or triangular ends (the last 2 effectively prevent them from rolling on the floor). Weights made of neoprene are available in many different colors.

Rubber dumbbells – we can deal with 3 types of this type of sports accessories. The first of these are weights fully covered with a rubber coating. They are characterized by small size and weight at the level of 0.5-5 kilograms. The second proposal are dumbbells with rubber covered ends. They can weigh both a few and several dozen kilograms. On the store shelves you can also find weights with rubber plates, which are intended for advanced people, performing strength exercises. The main advantage of rubber dumbbells is their anti-slip properties.

Vinyl dumbbells – the inside is made of concrete and the outside is made of vinyl. Weights of this type have ends with grooves that prevent them from rolling on the floor. Vinyl dumbbells weigh from 1.5 to 5 kilograms.

Bituminous d umbbells – they consist of a griffin, clamps and plates. For their production, a sand mass is used, which is covered with plastic. The maximum weight of this type of weights is 10 kilograms. They are dedicated to people performing strength training.

Soft dumbbells – their characteristic feature is the outer part covered with a nice-to-touch PVC material. Weights of this type are small in size and their weight usually does not exceed 2 kg.

Dumbbells with handles – these are usually covered with soft sponge or a layer of neoprene. The weights have a Velcro-fastened handle, which works very well during aerobic exercises, protecting them from slipping out of your hand. The average weight of this type of dumbbell is between 0.5 and 5 kilograms.

Dumbbells for women beginners

Which dumbbells should women who are just beginning their adventure with this type of accessories choose? If you want to firm up your arms or lose weight, you can get rubber, neoprene or vinyl weights. If you want to add strength to your aerobic workout, opt for dumbbells with handles that feel very secure in your hand. Cast iron and bituminous weights are ideal for women who want to build muscle mass.

How much should dumbbells weigh?

Women who have no experience with strength training should start with 0.5 kg weights. Slightly more athletic people can get a model weighing 2 kg. Over time, the weight of the dumbbells can be gradually increased by 0.5 kilograms.

How to optimally match dumbbells to training and our capabilities? ?
✔️ Firming the arms?
➡️ Neoprene dumbbells, vinyl dumbbells …

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