Work out in high heels! About the benefits of high heels fitness training

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Exercising in high-heeled shoes is a variety of workout for women. High heels are great for correct posture and slimmer figure!

What is high heels fitness?

This term refers to fitness training for women, which is performed in several centimeters high heels to the accompaniment of energetic music. The roots of this type of exercise can be found in the United States, where it enjoyed great popularity. The inspiration to create high heels fitness were pole dance classes. An additional incentive was the desire to learn how to walk in heels among women. For this reason, in one of the New York gyms “Crunch Gym” began to organize classes on walking in high heels, which eventually evolved into aerobics on heels.

What does a high heels fitness class look like?

A high heels fitness class begins with a warm-up that prepares your muscles for the workout. The actual workout lasts 30 to 45 minutes and uses many Pilates methods and techniques. Using movements and forms typical of other fitness disciplines allows for better strengthening of the muscles of the trunk, legs, buttocks and arms. A high heels fitness workout includes stretching exercises, kicks, squats, and elements of dance techniques, including hip-hop, pole dance, dancehall, voguing, and waacking. After completing all the planned exercises, it is time to learn how to walk in heels. Ladies have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of specialists.

Advantages of aerobics in high heels

Physical exercises performed in high-heeled shoes are great for body control and balance. High heels fitness is a workout of muscles of the whole body, which slenderizes the figure, helps to burn excess weight and teaches the correct posture. During the classes you can also learn how to move on high heels, as well as different types of dance moves. Aerobics classes on high heels model the muscles of the buttocks, back, thighs, calves and abdomen.

Have you heard of high heels fitness? These are exercises with elements of dance, for which instead of sports shoes you wear…

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A source of femininity

Women who take high heels fitness classes emphasize that the exercises make them feel better, give them a greater awareness of their bodies, give them energy, build confidence and have a positive impact on their self-esteem. Like any activity, high heels fitness is also a source of endorphins, which have a significant impact on our mood. For women who don’t wear high-heeled shoes on a daily basis, regular high heels fitness classes can be a unique opportunity to boost their sex appeal.

Risks associated with high heels fitness classes

Orthopedic surgeons warn of the injuries and trauma that can result from practicing aerobics in high heels. Intense workouts can cause foot deformities such as hallux, joint strain, painful knee, hip, or ankle injuries, and back problems. Because of the risky injuries, it’s a good idea to get the right shoes to minimize the risk of injury. Heels chosen for exercise should be well-fitted, comfortable, stable and built-in. Stiletto heels tied at ankle height are a good option to relieve pressure on the leg and stabilize the foot.

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