Running in the heat – these are the rules you absolutely must follow!

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No weather can affect your training plans? Find out how to run in the heat to avoid hurting yourself!

Training whatever the weather

Are you so crazy about running that as soon as you hear the magic phrase ‘go for a run’ you sometimes forget to check what the weather is like outside? Great! Such a passion is a great way to take your mind off everyday worries. However, it is worth approaching running sensibly, especially if the training takes place in difficult conditions.

Regular running in both summer and winter is possible. However, you need to prepare properly for such training. If it is really hot and the mercury is above the 30-degree mark, it is not a good time for the first training. Only more experienced people who are able to interpret the signals sent by the body should run in more difficult conditions.

How does the weather affect running training?

High air temperature is definitely not an ally of effective running training. In the blazing sun it is much more difficult to run. Runner’s body gets tired much faster. Ultramarathon runners, who dared to cover the route of the murderous Death Valley run, surely know something about it. It is an ultramarathon run in the USA, considered to be one of the toughest in the world due to unfavorable weather conditions.

However, you don’t have to be an ultra runner to see for yourself how strenuous training in the heat can be. Every kilometer you run is an increased strain on your body. Take the weather conditions into account when planning your individual training units.

Adjust your training times to the air temperature if possible. If the weather forecast predicts merciless midday heat on a particular day, opt to run in the early morning or late afternoon – conditions will be much more favourable at these times.

It has gotten very hot in recent days. ? In such conditions, running and other physical activities have become un…

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How to prepare for running in hot weather?

Sometimes it may happen that your schedule will be tight to the limit and the only option will be training in the heat. Take care of the comfort and safety of your run. Follow some simple rules and you will see that the heat will be a little less uncomfortable.

You should always remember about proper hydration, regardless of the weather. Two liters of fluids is the absolute minimum to drink every day. Take into account that during hot weather, and even more so during intense physical activity, the body’s need for fluids increases even more. If you neglect this, you can become dehydrated very quickly. Extreme dehydration is directly life-threatening. Do not forget about it!

Take a water bottle with you to your workout every time. This can be still mineral water or an isotonic drink. The replenishment of electrolytes is extremely important. Their deficiency causes disorders in the functioning of the human body. If you experience symptoms such as dizziness, nausea or painful muscle cramps which are out of proportion to the effort you have put in, it is best to stop, finish your training and reach for something cool to drink.

How should I dress for a workout on a hot day?

Another important consideration is appropriate attire. The warmer it is, the lighter and more breathable your clothes should be. Pay attention not only to the shirt or shorts. Shoes are also important. On a hot day, it’s best to run in lightweight running shoes with breathable mesh.

Of course, you’ll wear different shoes for asphalt running training, and others will make running in the woods more comfortable. Don’t forget your headgear. Even a thin baseball cap or a breathable hat can protect you from sunstroke.

Protect your skin from sunburn. Before you head out for a workout (even if it’s just to run for a few minutes), apply sunscreen to every inch of your body that will be exposed to the sun during your workout.

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