Stretching is key – the best exercises for twine

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Anyone who has ever tried to do twine knows that it is not a mundane activity. It requires a solid gymnastic preparation or excellent genetic predisposition. However, there is a set of proven exercises which will allow you to perform this acrobatic figure flawlessly after just a few weeks!

Start with regular stretching

Stretching, or stretching and making muscle tissues more flexible, is a basic element of the preparation for twine training. What is important here is not only the regularity of exercises, but also the proper technique of performing them. People who do not exercise regularly should begin with a gentle tension – without overextending the muscles, so as not to strain them. The legs should be straight at the knees, and the toes should always be drawn back. Also be sure to load both limbs symmetrically.

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Passive stretching…

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The most effective exercises for twine

There are many proven exercises that can get you fit enough to perform full twine in a relatively short period of time. Regardless of which variant you decide on, each exercise should be preceded by a warm-up of several minutes (trotting in place, hip and arm circles, and even jumping jacks).

Hurdle sit

One of the most popular exercises used by many athletes, especially athletes and amateur runners. Sit on the floor and bend the right leg at a right angle in the knee – so that the foot is behind the line of the torso. The other, straightened leg moves to the side. In this position, the angle between your thighs should be at least 90 degrees. Then, keeping the back straight, lean towards the left leg, embrace the foot with your hand and try to hold it for about half a minute. After this time, quickly turn to the bent leg, bend over, grasp the knee and again remain motionless for 30 seconds. We also repeat the exercise in the opposite configuration.


Another gymnastic exercise practiced by professional athletes. Extend the right leg forward and bend it at the knee to form a right angle. The knee, however, should not go beyond the contour of the foot. In turn, move the left leg back and straighten it as much as possible (the heel does not have to touch the ground). Continue in this position for about 30-40 seconds and then change the position of the legs.

Stretching in the kneeling position

This proposition is well known to all fitness fans. Kneel on one leg, and put the other leg forward and bend in the knee at a right angle – so that the knee does not stick out in front of the foot. Put the supporting leg back and press the pelvis against the floor in this position. The time of performing the exercise should also oscillate within the limits of 30-40 seconds.

Pressing the foot down on the buttock

Hold the starting position from the previous exercise. The foot of the leg on which we rest our weight starts to be gradually drawn to the buttock with our hands, thanks to which the muscles of the front part of thighs will be strongly tensed. Less athletic people may find this difficult, so at first it is sufficient to just bend the back leg without pulling it towards the buttock. As always, it is important to maintain proper technique – the back should be straight and the hips stable. After a 30-second series, change legs.

Stretching the rear leg muscles

You will need a table or sturdy chair to perform this exercise. While standing (with your back to the furniture), rest the back of your right foot on the table or chair. Your back should be straight and the supporting leg should be stable. Only then, with a calm exhalation, bend to the leg on which you are standing. After standing for a few dozen seconds, return to the initial position and repeat the exercise on the other leg.

Popular trainers and fitness instructors such as Paula Piotrzkowska and Kasia Dziuska present the method of performing particular exercises on their official YouTube channels. See if you can handle the challenges they throw up!

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