How do you motivate yourself to exercise regularly?

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Consistency and motivation at a high level will lead you to your desired sports results. What to do so that motivation does not weaken over time?

Why do we start exercising?

The reasons why we start exercising can be many and varied. Sometimes the motivation to train comes from the outside, other times we are our own best motivators. One thing is certain – it is the internal motivation that is the most powerful and it is worth taking special care of.

New year – new me!

The turn of the new and old year is a time when many people decide to change their lifestyle. Regular and healthy meals and daily physical activity should become a habit. However, before new habits are formed, we often give up training. The biggest drop in motivation can be noticed about a month after starting to exercise. The first stronger tiredness appears and the effects of the effort made are not always visible to the naked eye.

How to keep New Year’s resolutions?

Today we present a few ways to achieve your goal ?

What are your New Year’s resolutions? ?

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Vacations, it will be vacations again!

The pre-holiday period is another attempt to get rid of unnecessary kilograms so that we can present ourselves on the sunny beach in the bikini of our dreams. However, we tend to forget that weight loss is a long-term process that requires changes in eating habits and introduction of daily exercises to the daily schedule. One-week starvation diets will not help, they will only lead to exhaustion, and our motivation will drop significantly.

Illnesses and bad moods

It also happens that regular exercises become a necessity, not because of our dreams about a slim figure, but for health reasons. Too large layer of fat tissue is a greater risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease. Overweight and obesity also lead to excessive strain on the joints, resulting in arthritis. In this case, it is the easiest to maintain motivation, especially when, along with regular trainings, our mood improves as well.

Motivation – why does it weaken?

Weakening motivation can result from exercising too monotonously. If you’ve been exercising for several weeks and do the same set of exercises every time you train, it’s no wonder your body can feel tired. Feeling exhausted can also be linked to exercising too much or too often. Check with your personal trainer to see if your training plan is properly matched to your body’s capabilities. Motivation can also be weakened by temporary weakness or lack of training results.

How do I keep my motivation high?

Anyone who has trained for any length of time is well aware of how difficult it is to stay motivated to exercise. Sooner or later there comes a day when you don’t want to go out to train. Here are some tips to keep your motivation high!

How do you stay motivated to exercise after being at home for so long?

Physical activity is nowadays…

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Consistency in training

If you want your motivation to stay high all the time, then rely on regular workouts. Choose specific days of the week that you dedicate to training. If you are at the beginning of your sporting journey, remember not to overload your body. Two workouts a week are enough at the beginning. Don’t make excuses – go out to train both when it’s raining and when the sun is shining.

Add variety to your training

The body quickly gets used to exercise. No wonder you stop seeing such rapid progress after a while. Make sure that your workouts are as varied as possible. Reach for new training methods. If you’re running, do some strength training from time to time – and vice versa.

Training together

Are you bored with training alone and often lack motivation to get out and train, especially when the weather is bad? Plan to train together with your friends. Training together is great! The joy of training together is the best motivation, especially for people who like to compete even when training!

Visualise your goal

Clearly define the purpose for which you are training. Do you want to improve your body shape? Do you want to sculpt your muscles? Or maybe your goal is to improve your fitness? Do you want to run a marathon? Whatever your goal is, you need to make it concrete. It’s best to write down on a piece of paper what motivates you for your initial workouts, and place the piece of paper in a prominent place and return to it whenever you feel your motivation for regular workouts starting to wane.

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