Is it okay to exercise during menstruation?

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You work out regularly, sport is most of all your passion and fun, but for a few days in a month you wonder whether physical activity will not adversely affect your health? Find out if you can exercise during your period.

Physical activity during your period

Do you shudder at the thought of exercising during your period? Not at all – light to moderate physical activity is not only not prohibited during menstruation, it is even recommended. Of course, you must choose the type and intensity of your workout according to how you feel and what your body is capable of. Listen to your body’s signals. If the pain gets worse instead of better, don’t take a painkiller but skip the training session. Replace intense intervals with relaxing exercises. If you have very heavy periods, consult your gynecologist about physical activity.

How do I exercise during my period?

Some women avoid any exercise during menstruation. Menstrual pain is the main excuse in this situation. If you choose the right type of physical activity and intensity of training, not only will you not feel worse, but you can also make the discomforts associated with menstruation much weaker. The type of physical activity you do, your level of training and your current state of well-being all play a role. Opt for stretching and relaxation exercises. Reduce the intensity of your training, but do not stop exercising unless your pain is worse. It is very likely that well chosen exercises will reduce tension and improve your mood, which is often so bad during the period.

Should I exercise during my period?

You know that this is one of the most frequently asked questions by women…

Published by Anna Paczek- Drapała personal trainer instructor Wednesday 17 June 2020

Why you should not give up activity during menstruation?

Contrary to what some may think, menstruation is a normal state in the life of every woman, which repeats itself cyclically. The period usually lasts 5-7 days. If every woman engaged in sports had to give up training during this time, sports results would be much weaker. So why do so many women avoid activity during their period? Improper practices are deeply ingrained in the mind and date back to youth. Dismissal from physical education classes because of a period is still common.

Moderate intensity exercise focused on relaxation and loosening the body is the best choice for menstruation. A light workout will not only keep you moving, but will also make you feel better. A leisurely jog or bike ride is a guaranteed shot of endorphins. If you regularly get depressed during your period and see everything around you in dark colors, instead of reaching for another packet of crisps, go for a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature around you.

Exercising during menstruation – what should you opt for?

During your period, opt for physical activity that you sincerely enjoy. Your nervous system is stressed enough-you don’t need the added frustration of running when you’d rather swim a few lengths in the pool or relax with yoga. Want to go for a bike ride? That’s a good idea, but avoid rough terrain. Leave uneven forest paths for another time as the extra bumps can make your pain worse. You can also listen to relaxing music and choose a set of stretching exercises.

It is also worth saying a few words about activities that are rather not recommended during your period, especially during the first few days, when the bleeding is most intense. Interval training, intense long runs, rock climbing or team sports are better left for another time and focus on training that is calm, soothing and relieves menstrual discomfort.

Monitor your mood constantly. If something starts to bother you, stop training quickly. Do you have any doubts as to whether your health permits physical activity during menstruation? Consult your gynecologist and he will answer your questions.

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