How not to fall into a training rut?

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Training routine can happen to anyone. Especially athletes who train one sport for a long time are exposed to it. Here’s how to add some variety to your workout routine so you can get back to exercising!

Routine can kill any relationship

It is said that even the hottest feeling can quickly die down if there is routine in a relationship. This applies to your relationship as well as your love for sports. It’s nothing that you wholeheartedly love running or every bike ride makes you feel those pleasant butterflies in your stomach. If you start to train according to a repetitive pattern, then the spell will break and each subsequent workout will become a real torment for you. So what can you do to keep the fire burning during your workouts? Here are a few tricks!

Make small changes to your training

People training at the amateur level have it much easier in this regard. They are basically free to modify their workout plan. Professional athletes must rigidly adhere to the guidelines set by their trainers so as not to disturb the effects of their previous workouts. However, both groups of people can allow themselves small modifications. If you’ve been training on the same path for months and you know every rock and every branch sticking out of the ground by heart, it’s the best sign that it’s time to look for a new place for shorter and longer runs. Do you work out at a gym? Try a competing chain’s offerings. Sometimes a small change of climate acts like a cold shower and allows you to win over a tiring routine.

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Plan your workouts in advance

Workouts which were causing visible progress in your skills suddenly stopped giving you the expected results? This could mean that your body has got used to a certain routine and training is no longer effective. Plan your training well in advance and introduce some variety into each training unit. Sometimes all it takes is a change of pace or sequence. Look for alternatives and you’ll find that the battle against routine can be won faster than you expect!

Change your workout partner

Sometimes you can fall into a training rut because you’ve been training with the same person for too long. If you’re running with a friend and you’re constantly talking about the same things during your runs, you know each other so well that you’re practically reading each other’s minds. Don’t break up workout friendships, but open yourself up to new experiences as well. Change the company you work out with from time to time, and maybe you’ll find new inspiration for more effective workouts?

Challenge yourself!

Are you one of those women who loves competition and can’t live without it? That’s great! If routine creeps into your workouts, you can use the power of your character to deal with the uninvited guest once and for all. Challenge yourself – it could be a certain number of miles to run/walk/bike. Or you can set yourself a minimum time for each workout. The ideas are many – and they’re all in your head!

What to do when nothing is working anymore?

You’ve tried all the ways listed above, but the routine just won’t let go? Can’t muster up the strength for your next workout? There is a way. Instead of fighting it, just let it go. Routine creeps in when your motivation to exercise wanes, and that can come from exhaustion. Take a break and instead of going for a workout, grab a coffee with a friend or book a weekend at the spa. Such a regenerating session will have a nourishing effect and you will gain new strength to work hard during your regular workouts. Take care of yourself and no routine will scare you! Do you have your own thoughts on how to effectively fight the training routine? Share them in the comments!

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