Kundalini Yoga – benefits and risks

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The body and mind of people who practice yoga regularly are in perfect harmony. Kundalini yoga is the most tantric and aims to bring physical, mental and emotional balance.

What is Kundalini yoga all about?

Kundalini yoga addresses the needs of modern man. Every day we have many (often too many) responsibilities, which makes us busy and stressed.

On the other hand we are well aware of our limitations and needs. Kundalini yoga is an answer how not to lose connection with yourself – you should practice 5 techniques of working with your body, spirit and mind:
asanas – yoga postures,
pranayama – breath work,
mantras – characteristic melorecitation,
mudras – hand gestures.

According to the creator of Kundalini yoga (Yogi Bhajan), only the combination of the above techniques makes it possible to develop the creative energy, which is hidden in each of us in the place at the base of the spine (Muladhara, or first chakra).

Kundalini yoga causes the energy to begin to vibrate and move upward along the line of the spine, at which the other chakras are located. Yogis believe that disturbances in the flow of energy through the other chakras cause many mental problems and emotional fluctuations. Kundalini yoga is meant to counteract this.

Kundalini Yoga – how do the exercises look like?

Kundalini yoga (also called Kundalini yoga) is not very different from traditional yoga. Kundalini yoga classes last about an hour and include:
Initial Mantra – all participants recite a mantra.
Kriya – participants perform yoga postures to the accompaniment of a mat. The most popular asanas are tree pose, downward facing dog or lotus flower.
Muscle relaxation – usually in lying position.
Meditation combined with mantra, mudra and pranayas.

Remember that yoga is a lot of stretching. If you are just beginning, do not rush and do not do exercises by force. The aim of Kundalini yoga is to develop the skill of listening to your own body. Therefore, if your body sends you signals that asanas are too demanding, shorten the exercise or stop it completely. Do not do anything against your body.

Benefits of Kundalini yoga

By practicing Kundalini yoga regularly, you are sure to notice numerous benefits, among them:
– increasing your body’s resistance to disease,
– reduced stress levels, relaxation,
– greater optimism – reducing negative thoughts,
– increased confidence and self-acceptance,
– improvement of your body,
– feeling of harmony with the world and with other people.

What are the benefits of kundalini yoga practice? Why is it worth to practice kundalini yoga? You can find the whole movie here: https://youtu.be/REeDonRHQGQ

What are the benefits of kundalini yoga practice? Why is kundalini yoga worth practicing?

You can find the whole video here: https://youtu.be/REeDonRHQGQ

Published by Aga Yoga Sunday, July 11, 2021

Negative effects of Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga causes a lot of controversy. Some people believe that it carries risks:
serious injury – performing asanas, despite the signals sent by the body, can lead to injury. Before a yoga class do not forget to stretch and warm up,
Inadequate execution of exercises can have a bad impact on the psyche. We may notice the opposite of the intended effects, such as worsening of mood, weakness or inner restlessness.

Negative effects can of course be avoided. Talk frankly with your yoga teacher before your first Kundalini yoga class.

Kundalini Yoga – is it worth it?

If you need some respite and distance from problems – it is worth trying this type of yoga. People who regularly practice Kundalini yoga praise it for restoring inner harmony. You should not be discouraged by negative opinions of others, it is worth to check its effects on yourself. However, listen to the signals sent by the body and report all disturbing symptoms to the teacher.

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