Aqua zumba – dancing madness in water

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Imagine a disco at the swimming pool. Dance rhythms coming from the speakers, joyful mood of the participants. Sounds great? Add to it a trainer showing you the moves and you have a recipe for aqua zumba!

What is aqua zumba?

Zumba was born in the 1990s. It is a combination of extremely energetic workouts – dance, strength training and cardio. Some time ago one of its variants gained popularity – aqua zumba, i.e. zumba in a swimming pool.

Aqua zumba – what does the training look like?

Aqua zumba classes are of course held in a swimming pool. The instructor stands on the shore and shows the steps to the participants, who are in shallow water (more or less to their waist). In the water, the participants repeat the moves to the rhythm of the music coming from the speakers. Cheerful mood and great fun guaranteed!

Do you need to know how to swim to practice aqua zumba?

We have good news for people who can’t swim! You don’t have to be able to swim to practice aqua zumba. As mentioned earlier, the classes are held in shallow water, so swimming skills are not necessary during the training.

Who can practice aqua zumba?

In principle, everyone. Training in water reduces the risk of injury, does not strain the spine, joints and muscles. During the training we burn more calories than during traditional zumba (water gives more resistance than air), and at the same time we get less tired as water cools us down during the exercises.

Aqua zumba is recommended for everyone – from seniors to pregnant women and even obese people who are just beginning their trainings and are not in good shape. Aqua zumba is also often recommended as a form of rehabilitation for people after injuries and surgeries.

Of course, if you have any doubts whether aqua zumba is suitable for you due to your health condition, consult your doctor.

How many calories do we burn during an aqua zumba workout?

How many calories you burn during one aqua zumba exercise depends mainly on the intensity of your exercise. An average of 300-500 calories are burned during one hour of aqua zumba classes – quite a lot more than during traditional zumba classes!

What are the benefits of aqua zumba?

Aqua zumba has a positive effect on the body and gives very good results. It is worth practising it regularly and not slacking off during training:
– your condition will significantly improve,
– you will slim your silhouette and reduce cellulite,
– you will return from training relaxed, because exercises in water have a similar effect to a massage,
– you will have more energy and your mood will improve,
– back and joint pains are significantly reduced or even disappear.

What body parts are strengthened during aqua zumba?

Aqua zumba helps to slim and strengthen the whole body. You will certainly see the effects of regular exercise on your thighs, stomach, arms and buttocks. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

How does the aqua zumba training look like?

Aqua Zumba classes usually last one hour. The exercises performed during the training are not complicated and demanding. They are all done on the spot, with the trainee standing up to his waist in water.

The steps are various combinations of jumps, fast running, running with raising knees, jumping, moving arms under water, kicking or twisting hips to the rhythm of music. All this makes the aqua zumba workout associate participants not so much with exertion, but with great fun.

Featured photo: Ben Hasty / MediaNews Group / Reading Eagle via Getty Images

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